Thursday, 31 March 2011

NOTD–Kiko Nail Lacquer 343

Hi guys! I hope you have had a good week? So excited for the weekend, off to Bicester Village which I haven’t been to in a while so I’m excited! Also my dad has until Sunday to use his train ticket so if any of my friends are about I may pop to London! Bit of excitement!

Anyway a few weeks back my parents brought me some stuff back from their trip to Rome from Kiko. There were a few polishes in the stash. I have used all of them now and this was the first. I know it’s a little late now but this was around St Patrick’s Day. I didn’t wear it just because of that, green is also my favourite colour!



I should say that though this colour is gorgeous, this is not it. My camera refuses to photograph greens and neons. This is way more green, a bright kelly/jade green.


Though this photo is hideous it does show the true colour more. No amount of colour correcting showed it accurately, the actual shade is somewhere inbetween. It isn’t neon either like the above picture looks! Gah!

So I haven’t shown you an accurate picture. I know. I even tried to search for a Pantone colour so at least you had an idea but I can’t find one as vibrant. Bah, better luck next time. I will try again as it is such a gorgeous colour and those who baulk at green may change their minds!

Does anyone have any tips for photographing green? I tried on a few cameras, none are a DSLR, would it work on that? If so I’ll get my boyfriend to help next time I see him!

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