Friday, 11 March 2011


Happy Friday guys! Almost the weekend! So close I can smell it! What plans do you guys have? Anything fun? My parents are off to Rome so it’s me, my sister and el kaninchio (the rabbit) home alone! So I’m the responsible big sister and ferrying my sister to and from work, bleurgh. Still, I need to do some dissertation NOT watch Diagnosis Murder.

I got this on a Sally’s binge, and I mean 5 minute £40 nail varnish binge. I was in and out like lightning, only pausing to drop a silly amount of money on a silly amount of nail varnish. Never mind, it was fruitful, as this is my favourite polish of all time I think. I could gladly use a whole bottle of this, it’s divine!

In the bottle it appears as a navy blue with some pink reflecting shimmer and on the nails it flits between this and royal purple. I am so shit at describing colours so I just took a crapload of photos, tell a thousand words and all…



It looks a little chipped, this was taken on day 3 of wear. This is a polish that I can’t take my eyes off when I wear it. Seriously. I’d be doing something, catch a glimpse of my hands and be staring at it until someone interrupted. In one word, awesome.

I got this from Sally’s in Cheltenham for around £10, standard OPI price.

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