Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Heart Shopping!

I absolutely love shopping. I could definitely 'shop til I drop'! So being as I am a student without much income I really have to rein it in! I did however pick up a few bits this weekend in York and Hull so I thought I'd show you.
I know some people don't like 'haul' posts but I find it interesting to see what people actually spend their money on, beauty bloggers are supposedly 'in the know' about products and some do get sent bits so I think it's useful to see what stuff is worth parting with cash for. Plus I'm a nosy bitch (inherited from my Grandma).


L-R Clockwise from top - Boots Sparkling Eye Drops, No7 Poppy King Lipgloss in Glamour, No7 Poppy King Lipstick in Allure, Sleek Pan Tao blusher, MUA Lipstick in Shade 3 and got2b Powder'ful

Boots Sparkling Eye Drops have been a regular purchase for a few years now. When I am tired my eyes are hideous! Bloodshot and dull eyes combined with hereditary dark circles = being mistaken for a crackhead. So I always carry eye drops around with me. These were the first ones I tried and did repurchase a few times before branching out to other brands. The Sainsbury's ones are quite good too but these are my favourite. As well as brightening they feel refreshing and don't sting which happens with some other brands. I will show before and after photos another time!

No7 Poppy King goodies I had held out more hope for this collection really. I had 4 No7 vouchers that I hadn't earmarked for anything in particular so decided to hold out for this. Allure and Glamour both sounded like the most 'me' colours and I had decided to get the lipstick from both of these with maybe a gloss or two. When swatching though my boyfriend helpfully pointed out that the Glamour lipstick looked like something I already own four times over. For once I kind of took his point and got the gloss instead, I don't have anything like this in my collection, most of my glosses are glittery or shimmery.

Sleek Pan Tao Blusher Bah. I loved the swatch when I saw it instore the day I picked up the palette and Pout Polish. The girl in Superdrug said the blusher would be in the next day but after checking like 3 days on the trot I decided it was not to be and besides, being the pale nightcrawler* lady that I am would a luminous orange/peach be right for me? When I saw it in Hull I thought sod it, and now it is mine!

MUA Lipstick Shade 3 has been compared to a MAC lipstick that I want but can't remember the name of. How bad is that! Maybe Impassioned? Or did I just make that name up? Anyway, it's a quid. I have a few of these aready and they are pretty good, spectacular considering it is the same price as a packet of Disco's at a motorway services. I'm still seething about that.

got2b Powder'ful I have wanted a hair powder for ages but the Lee Stafford and Osis ones are a bit out of my price range. Well, they wouldn't be if I had a proper job right now and didn't spend my money on lipsticks and Wotsits. People have been raving about this and I swooped (literally, ask the boyf) on the last one in York! Yay!

Now some more pictures!


As I’m at the boys I don’t have my other Sleek blushes to compare this to so I just did it with the ones I brought with me. Which is more than necessary but hey.


You can see it is hella BRIGHT!!! I sure as hell have nothing like this in my collection! I will wear a few days and take some pics to see how it is on the skin. Also, hello goosebumps! Chilly in Yorkshire today!


No 7 Lipgloss and Lipstick

MUALippieMUA Shade 3


So this is a quick look rather than a review but I am pleased with my purchases at the moment, there isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking that could be a disappointment other than the hair stuff.

The eggs are from my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s birthday party! Ha what a mouthful! We did a little easter egg hunt around their little hamlet, it was great fun!

Have you made any No7/Poppy King purchases? Or any other goodies lately?

*Nightcrawler is the name we gave to my boyfriends ex flatmate. He was nocturnal and sooooo pasty it was horrendous! Serious vitamin D deficiency I swear. That is how I feel now, though I have gained a few freckles after the 3 days of sun this week! I even cracked my pins out prematurely, definitely regretted that!


  1. Great haul, I love shopping too.I love eye drops, I tend to buy optrex when it is on offer in Boots :-)xx

  2. Will you review that powder?! It seems interesting! I bought that blusher the other day but Im thinking it mught be a bit orange for me! I love reading haul posts (Im a nosy bitch as well) lol xx

  3. Yes until I started using them I had no idea how necessary I think they are! Perks me right up :)
    I will review the powder once I've given it a few goes, I really like the idea of it so I hope it's a good un! xx

  4. I can't find got2b Powder'ful at my local Wal-Mart even though it's feature in the weekly flyer! ARGH!

  5. these items you got here all amazing! and i totally know what you mean about being a student on a budget! ;)

    <3, Mimi


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