Thursday, 3 March 2011

NOTD–China Glaze Bad Kitty

Heyhey, how is everyone’s weeks going? It’s March now, almost spring! Which technically kindofinaway means it’s almost summer! I’m going to start cracking out the fake tan asap!

This is another polish from my beautyzone mini haul, I had a massive list of polishes I wanted but had to narrow it down so much! As soon as I qualify and get a job I’m going to go on a binge I just know it, never mind if I can wear polish to work or not!


This one is kind of hard to photograph but I think this picture captures it pretty well, it’s kind of a watermelony pink with different sized glitter that adds a holographic-y edge. Although the close up is blurry you can kind of see what I mean.




I took a few pictures so that you could see the dimension of it. This is three coats and as you can see there is still heavy visible nail line which I hate! That being said if you can get past that this is a really beautiful polish. I still love it and am contemplating doing it again using a fourth coat just to see if it would cover the nail line any more but it was such a bitch to remove I don’t think I’ll bother! I know I could still use this layered over a polish and I probably will but it seems such a shame because the base colour is so pretty. I don’t normally go for pinks but I really do love this shade. I could try it over a white polish? I don’t own one but if anyone has any recommendation that would be appreciated?

This polish cost around £3-4 excluding shipping from US eBay, the seller has been linked in a few previous posts.

What do you think? I only have a few China Glaze polishes do you have any recommendations? And any recs for a white polish? Thank you!

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