Monday, 14 March 2011

Swatches–My NYX Eyeshadows

OK ladies I’m trying to set myself a little challenge. In a bid to keep myself from buying more stuff which is being semi/not really successful I am trying to rediscover products I already have. I wear eyeshadow pretty much every day, my lids can get red especially when I’m tired so I normally chuck some on to cover it. However I either grab one of my old trusties like Wet n Wild Fine Wine, or a palette like Urban Decay’s Naked. So I hauled these out of my single eyeshadow stack and decided I’m going to wear at least one of these every day for a week.

They aren’t particularly adventurous swatches, you can clearly see what kind of colour I like!


I wish I was more confident with colour! As I’m pale and have green eyes I’m never sure what will suit me! I also am prone to redness sometimes, depending on the weather and some products so I don’t want to exacerbate this.

Anyway, first up is 122 Morocco


58A Peach Bronze


148 Daisy


10 Champagne


18 Sahara


50A Skin Tight




I added the number of each eyeshadow as when I got mine from US eBay I had to include it with my order and there was few websites that showed them! It took a lot of research to choose these which is probably why I stuck with my favourite kind of shades.

As far as I can tell NYX does not test on animals.

I paid around £2-3 each for each of these from US eBay.

Have you used NYX eyeshadows? I like that they have finally started a UK website but I do not like the hike in prices. If I have any spare cash anytime soon and decide to order some more NYX I will continue to use eBay.

Do you have any recommendations for shades?

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