Friday, 1 February 2013

Empties 0113

Oh, herrow! Long time no speak…..

Put simply, I need a hobby. I like my blog, I like speaking/preaching to people about beauty stuff and I need to sort my life out and make more of an effort. A move up north in the next few weeks to a house with actual LIGHT THAT COMES IN WINDOWS AND STUFF rather than this pitch black flat will hopefully make it easier to take photos! I need something to do when the boy is playing Borderlands…..

To ease myself back into things here’s a teensy post featuring the stuff I’ve managed to finish this month. I hate moving with a passion and just the very thought that one thing I use up is one thing less to take is making this easier. All pictures were taken on my phone so are crap.


Simple Nourishing Eye Make-Up Remover Cream  This was my second bottle of this and I won’t buy again. It does the removey makeup bit easily and without tugging at your eyes but the cream gets everywhere and it’s so gross trying to fish makeup remover slime from around your eyeball. Not a repurchase, I’m currently using the clear Simple eye makeup remover.

NSpa Melting Cleansing Gel  I reviewed this here and loved it – I still do. For around a fiver this feels really luxurious and I will buy again once I’ve got through a few other cleansers hanging around.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish  I got this in a set from QVC though I have finished a few bottles before. This is a nice cleanser but I seem to go through it quickly. I will probably repurchase at some point but for the moment I’m using the REN cleansing balm.

No7 Pore Refining Serum  I used this every morning on my t-zone and it feels like it lasted forever. This makes all sorts of claims about pores and while I do feel mine have improved I now have a better skincare routine in general so I’m unsure how much I can attribute to this alone. I don’t think I’d repurchase, it’s nice enough but nothing special and I’m using the Dr Jart pore serum instead at the moment.

Sephora Super Loaded Age Defy Serum Sample  While doing my version of tidying which probably isn’t really tidying around my bedroom earlier this month I noticed I had an awful lot of samples hanging around ready for the weekend japes I never go on. I got a good three uses out of this sachet and it was nice, if I lived near a Sephora I’d possibly get the full size.

Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant  This felt really heavy when first applied but when I woke up my skin was a little brighter and smoother. I prefer the REN serum I’m currently using though.

Toni & Guy Deep Conditioning Mask for Brunette Hair  This was average to crap for me. It didn’t really make any difference to tangles or frizzy hair when left on for the few minutes as suggested, only when I had it on for a good 30-40 minutes whilst face-masking it up.

Batiste Medium Brunette Dry Shampoo  Godsend

Revlon Grow Luscious  I usually have one of these hanging around as it’s a good mascara for layering with others I don’t love, such as…

17 Blow Out  This wasn’t great but fared better with Grow Luscious underneath for a bit more impact. I doubt I’ll rebuy.

Not pictured:

Soap & Glory Hand Food  Smells lush but isn’t moisturising enough for me and my granny hands

Garnier Hand Repair Hand Cream  Was much better and I would have possible repurchased if I hadn’t received Hand Food for Christmas then got distracted by other pretties…


So there you have it! Sorry it was such a mish but I love seeing what people actually use to the end!

I hope you all are well and had a lovely Xmas and New Year x