Monday, 30 May 2011


I’m still really aware that this blog isn’t that personal and I’ve read a few comments on other blogs where that is one thing people like….does it matter to you? Anyway I saw this tag on a few other blogs and it is just some useless information about me really!


This was at a night out a few months ago, you do have to wear moustaches I wasn’t just being a nutter. Hello not properly brushed out dry shampoo!

Age: 23…..25 next year boo!

Bed Size: Double.

Chore you Hate: Cleaning in general

Dogs: No though I want one called Carlos (fetish for European names), I have my house rabbit Vincent

Essential start of your day: COFFEE and more sleep

Favourite Colour: Green

Gold or Silver: Silver for jewellery

Height: 5”2

Instruments I play: None right now but what haven’t I given a go at school! Says a lot that I came away being able to play nothing

Job Title: Student/data enterer (?)

Kids: Undecided

Live: West Country

Mum's name: Jacky/mother goose

Nickname: Um…JadeyLou, Sausage, Louber/Louby, Jimmy, Jizzle, Jaders there’s a few

Pet Peeve: BMW drivers

Quote from a movie: “Well I think the stork, he drops it down and then a hole goes in your body and there’s blood everywhere coming out of your head then you push your belly button and then your butt falls off and then you hold your butt and you have to dig and you find a little baby” I watched Knocked Up again the other day, I wish this could actually be childbirth, then I’d be sold

Right or left handed: Righty

Siblings: One of each

Time you wake up: As late as possible

Underwear: Big

Vegetables you dislike: Beetroot. My gran has it for almost every meal and it disgusts me. I like most vegetables actually, it’s fruit I’m bad at :(

What makes you run late: Everything. I was born 6 days late, I am lateness personified.

X-rays you've had done: Teef

Yummy food you make: Ummm I’m really trying with cooking at the moment, I make risotto, jacket skin things, sweet potato chips, katsu curry, lasagne, pasta sauces. Any easy recipe suggestions appreciated!

Zoo animal: Oooh I’ve been twice in the last few weeks I love animals! Lemurs and last time the armadillo was out and about which was AMAZING! I think the otters are pretty cute too but both times they were eating Stuart Little’s and it was a bit gross. Top fave is the prarie dogs though, they are ace!!!!!!!


This picture is called Prarie Dog Rapture apparently, pretty apt given the last few weeks non?

Recent Empties–Yay Oder Nay?

Gutentag meine freunde!

I first want to issue a quick apology, I haven’t really been doing the best posts lately and I don’t really have much of an excuse for it. With all the recent rubbishness I think I just need time to concentrate on having fun with my friends and getting my life together…. I am going to try and make more of an effort and find some proper inspiration, the next few weeks will be hard as I am back on placement but as I will be in the other end of the country by myself I will have plenty of time on my hands I hope.

Anyway onwards and upwards, here are a few of the products I’ve used up this month. As I have been trying to save money which hasn’t worked in the slightest, there are a few things I have used and don’t have replacements for. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

First up…EmptiesClinique

I have had this tub of Clinique’s Moisture Surge for a while, it was part of a GWP. The name Moisture Surge convinced me that this would be waaaay to heavy for my normal/combo/oily skin, so much so that I didn’t bother opening it for a long while until I ran out of my usual moisturiser that I use on my drier (but still normal) bits where the moisturiser I use on my t-zone isn’t enough. I do really love this, it sank in immediately and didn’t leave me with a greasy feel. However at £30 for 50ml on the Clinique website this isn’t really repurchaseable. This is a 30ml jar and I got through it pretty quickly considering how long moisturisers usually last me, maybe when I have a ‘proper’ job with ‘proper’ money this wouldn’t be so extravagant now but at the moment with a minimum wage job and a holiday to pay for, no. At the moment I am using my Boots Skin Clear which is usually solely for my t-zone all over and at the moment it is doing a good job.


I got this tube of Darphin’s Vitalbaume in a giveaway I won before Christmas. I have said before about how dry my lips get and I do feel like I always have to have something on them. It is important that balms are long lasting on me because otherwise I get through them VERY quickly. This one was OK, it contains Shea butter, carnauba and beeswax and does feel moisturising but it didn’t last long on meaning I got through it in around three weeks of using it daily. It also wasn’t that moisturising meaning I frequently felt the need for something more heavy duty. Maybe if your lips weren’t so dry this would be ok but at £10.80 a tube I won’t be repurchasing.


This is my second tube of MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin and for me it does the job. It comes out white and shimmery but sinks in quickly and leaves a ‘glow’ rather than shimmer face. I do like how it sinks in and leaves my skin itself feeling great rather than leaving a coating on it and it does make my face makeup application easier and more even. However I don’t particularly find it makes my makeup last that much longer, my pores are still pretty visible and it doesn’t help application to problem areas such as my nose. I do like this but at the same time feel there are primers out there more suited to my needs (pore coverage, longevity and oil control). At £18 for 30ml it isn’t the most expensive primer out there but I doubt I will repurchase. I am currently using Avon’s Magix primer instead.



Trevor Sorbie’s Beautiful Blonde Intensive Treatment was a quick purchase about a month or so ago when it was on special offer of 2 for £6 in Boots, I got this and a smoothing cream that I haven’t touched yet (oops!). This for me is a definite no go in the repurchasing stakes. Rather than feeling that the other products above were mediocre for my needs, I actually disliked this. First of all, I got through loads of it. It didn’t feel like it was covering my hair in the slightest. It is recommended to leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes and still manages to leave a disgusting filmy coating on my hair despite vigorous washing and rinsing and doesn’t leave my hair feeling remotely conditioned. The only time my hair felt nice after using this was when I wrapped my head in a hot towel and sat down for an episode of Midsomer Murders. Yes, I am actually an 80 year old trapped in a 23 year olds body. After that 2 hour soak my hair did feel nice though again it did require an almighty rinsing out. However I feel the product should work as directed, and for me it doesn’t. Yes if I planned my time I could have 2 hours a week to use this to fully benefit me but my name is Jade and I am a scatterbrain. I plan nothing.

Wow. That was an essay. Thank you so much for bearing with me and I have done a little bit (lot) of haulage these last few weeks so I will be posting those in the next few days. If you have any other suggestions for posts or products to replace these ones I’ve used please let me know!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

NOTD–China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

Oh my god. I’ve been at it again. The thing about blogging is you read a lot of blogs. Which makes me build up a bit of a wishlist. Then when I end up getting some money it all goes pretty quickly on pretty things or things to make me pretty.

I always have a little China Glaze want list, maybe because they aren’t that easy to come by over here, at least not where I live? Towel Boy Toy has been on that list since I first started reading blogs a few years ago and when I was making a small US eBay order the other week I figured it was about time to chuck it in the basket!

This was part of the Poolside collection last year which comprised of neons, I did want Pool Party but the seller didn’t have it.


In short I LOVE IT!!!!! It really ‘pops’ and feels so bright and summery. I usually wear whatever polish takes me fancy whatever season but this really does put me in the mood for paddling pools and BBQ’s! With flash it shows how truly stunning it really is.


It looks a bit messy, this is two coats, three on some nails and it took a while to dry. I added the quick dry top coat and as you can see there are some marks on my index finger and bubbles on my ring finger. There was a bit of a visible nail line on some nails but I love the colour so much I could ignore that which is a turn up for the books.

I got another two China Glaze polishes that I’m really happy with, thank god for internet swatches!

What do you think? Do you have any China Glaze recommendations? What’s on your wishlist?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NOTD–Bermuda Shorts & Petunia Sparkles

Hola! How are you ladies? Another NOTD I’m afraid, I’m really trying to diversify now I have a bit more time/funds to actually buy stuff but I just love nail polish so much! I have over 100 now… makes me feel ill that they just sit in my drawers and I only usually use one at a time. I’m trying to branch out and after acquiring a few Nubar polishes via eBay I thought I’d try a bit of mixing…


This was insanely sparkly in real life, so much so my camera wouldn’t focus properly. It was more magenta than this too….this is two coats of Essie’s Bermuda Shorts topped with two coats of Nubar’s Petunia Sparkle. It was a little gritty so I added Save The Nail’s top coat.


I got Bermuda Shorts when I was in New York last year and it is one of my favourite shades. I’ve worn it a good few times which says something! Again my nails are chipped and ruined, my current job is doing data entry so they get wrecked pretty quickly! I need to learn to take photos as soon as I’m done painting…

A few more pics……


I’m not sure how I feel about this Nubar, it was pretty patchy. I got three of the Sparkle collection which I believe was from last year, are you interested in swatches? I forgot to take any pictures of Bermuda Shorts alone but it was featured over at The Student’s Guide to Nail Polish recently….

In terms of doing a few more posts, do you guys have any suggestions? Or constructive criticism? Much appreciated!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Same Old FOTD

Herrow ladies!

At the moment I am trying to conquer my fear of putting my face on the old tinterweb. I haven’t really told anyone about my blog and I don’t know why, I’m not ashamed or anything. I think it’s because in real life I’m a scruffy git and a bit of a scat, I think my friends wouldn’t think I’d know the first thing about lipstick when obviously I am a mecca of useless (to some) cosmetic information. Anyhoo, I am going to try and get my mug out there so you can put a name to a face etc. I rarely do anything drastic with my makeup but never mind.


I look like a bug eyed alien. This is my standard face when I am going somewhere but don’t want to go crazy with colour or don’t know what else to chuck on!



This is all the goods I used, I don’t use liquid liner if I’m in a rush as I’m still a complete rookie at it, if I don’t I line my waterline with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Zero. As was the ‘how much is my face worth’ thingy going around a few weeks back I figured I’d shoehorn it in here too!

MAC Prep + Prime Skin (not pictured) - £18 (I have had this for ages and didn’t pay that much though)

MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Light - £20

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original - £14.50 (again had it for a while and got it in NY so it wasn’t this much)

MAC Painterly Paint Pot - £13.50 (got this from CCO for around £9)

Stila eyeshadow in Wheat - £15 (got this while still sold in Space NK, price taken from Beauty Bay)

MUA eyeshadow in Shade 12 - £1

Giorgio Armani eyeshadow in 55 – ?£20 again this is ages old

Models Own Hi-Definer Pro-Eyeliner - £6

Revlon Grow Luscious mascara - £9.99

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Light - £4.19

Benefit EyeBright - £14 (£2 with Glamour)

Benefit Dallas - £23.50

Chanel Joues Contraste in 65 Espiegle - £30

Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Betty - £16

Collection 2000 clear mascara – around £3

Bourjois Delice de Poudre in 51 - £6.99

Prestige Pure Mineral bronzer in Pure Shimmer - £9.49

Simple makeup corrector thing – around £5

TOTAL = £230.16

That makes me feel a little ill. I don’t even feel like I use too much on my face. However I suppose that is with my most expensive blusher, one of my most expensive bases and most of the stuff I got either ages ago when the RRP was lower or while it was on special offer. A estimate of how much I actually paid at time of purchase would be £194.70. Not much difference. At least it has been accumulated over time……? I spend way too much money on cosmetics. My name is Jade and I heart pretty things.

Are you the same? I like to think I only buy stuff I see recommended and while it is on special offer but here in the UK we have nowhere near the sales that go on in the US. Rubbish.

Would you like to see any of the above products in more detail? Let me know!

Friday, 20 May 2011

NOTD–Gradient mani with InStyle Electro Teal

Just a quickie today guys, if it wasn’t for the gradienty goodness of this one I wouldn’t even bother showing it! Since I’m no longer moving out I’m redecorating my room so my nails took a battering and I forgot to photograph it before they were annihilated.

I got a copy of InStyle, my second ever. Both times have been for the free Nails Inc polishes even though I don’t love them. I was torn between the orange and the teal but I remembered my aunty going through my polishes the other week and telling me off because all I have are oranges. So I got the teal, went home and having only left the house all day to go to Tesco to purchase aforementioned polish, felt adventurous and decided on a gradient mani. I didn’t do it by picking out similar polishes, I just gradually added a white (17’s Mini Skirt).


Unaltered Electro Teal is on my little finger. Again apologies for the state of my nails, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am unlikely to ever be arsed to do this again I would not have bothered posting. You can see the graduation between nails better in some pictures than others, all in all I think it was ok but I would choose a more opaque polish for next time as this was a two-coater so it was a bit of a faff.Oooh an orange gradient! In that case I may try this again…

Electro Teal was free with June’s InStyle which was £3.70.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What I Use On My Birds Nest

OK first things first. If you have stumbled across this post expecting something other than haircare, there’s the door. I don’t know what crazies google these days on their hunt for internet ladies.

Since I was a child my hair has been a complete pain in the ass. I wish I was joking. My mum refused to let me grow it past my shoulders as it became, as she calls it, ‘rats tails’. At the grand old age of 23 and now deemed responsible for the care of my hair I can confirm that it does indeed evolve into a rat tail state. Currently it is the longest it has been for at least 2 years reaching almost to the bottom of my shoulder blades. It is fine and thin. Until recently I had a very real fear that I was balding, and as I have mentioned before my hair is routinely tortured within an inch of it’s life in the form of highlights. Add to this flyaways and a touch of frizziness in some areas and you are somewhat close to the nightmare that is my barnet. I could do away with the highlights but they make me look alive. Not alive as in more vivacious or anything, actually alive. With dark hair I look like a zombie, highlights brighten me up a bit. In an effort to tame the flyaways and frizzies I try and avoid heat, blow drying maybe once or twice a week and straightening or curling if I’m going out and wearing my hair down and wash it every two days, less if I can help it.

Until recently around 75% of my hair was one big knot. No exaggeration. I could rarely get a brush through it and even when I did 40 seconds later it would be tangled all over again. No matter what I did the underneath of my hair would be matted within minutes. Notice at the beginning of the paragraph I said until recently……

As part of Operation Sort My Life Out the hair needed to sort it’s life out too. I picked up a few things and already had a few things that I liked but weren’t enough alone.

First up is L’Oreal’s Elvive Full Restore Conditioning Replenish Spray


I have had this badboy since around Christmas time when the winter frizzies were really getting on my nerves. It’s pretty light and the nozzle disperses a fine spray so you can be a little slapdash and not worry about greasy patches. After every wash when I have just taken the towel off my head I spritz this all over my hair and leave for a few seconds before attempting to brush it gently. If I don’t sort my fringe out straight away my cowlick dominates and I look like I’m 9 all over again.

You can’t really see in this picture but I have used this every time I have washed my hair since I got it and sometimes in between and I have over another third of the bottle left to go!

I got this from Boots for around £4 or so though I can’t see it on the website at the moment so I’m not exactly sure. I love this and can’t recommend it enough for a quick burst of lightweight moisture. The only thing is as you know I’m really trying not to use products by companies that test on animals and L’Oreal do. Sadface over here.


This is Phil Smith’s Xrated Shine Serum. I have seen a few Phil Smith products doing the rounds lately but I can’t remember if I saw this. I got it from Sainsbury’s a few months ago when I was running out of serum and this was on offer, it is currently £4.09. After spritzing my hair with the L’Oreal spray I use a pump of this on the ends of my hair. I used to use it without even thinking about it and it was only when I stopped for a few washes that I realised how annoying fluffy ends are! My hair is unruly without something holding down the ends!

This is billed as a shine serum. I’m not sure about that, my hair rarely looks shiny but my hairdresser does comment on it’s good condition and I don’t get split ends, I’d like to think this helps with that. One thing though, one pump is enough, My hair feels lank and greasy with more and I could use even less than one pump if used on dry hair.


I am sure you’ve seen this cropping up lately. VO5’s Miracle Concentrate found its way into my basket in Superdrug a few weeks ago before I had seen any posts about it. I have used it probably every other time I have washed my hair, running 3 to 4 drops through the lengths and ends of my hair. Wow. This makes my hair feel so smooth that I actually sat on the sofa one night stroking my it and making everyone else stroke it too. It was softer than the rabbit and I want to wear him as a scarf (in a nice cuddly way!) so that is saying something. I have used this at least 6 or 7 times and you can see hardly any is gone. There is a dropper in there but be warned, you don’t have to squeeze the pipette for it to come out, it is a dripper!


Finally the star of the show. I have had my eye on a Tangle Teezer for a while and was saving my Boots points for one but then I was skint and in desperate need of a face scrub so they went. As soon as loan time arrived I got one of these badboys! I got it out of the packet and was instantly disappointed, £10 for what feels like I could of knocked it up in a shed in 6 minutes? Then I brushed. What the hell. Within a minute my birds nest had disappeared! AND STAYED AWAY!!!!! Words can’t describe how ecstatic I am that I have this and I will be snapping up the handbag version (which is more expensive?!?!?!) as soon as I have the disposable income!

This routine has been working really well for me in recent weeks and I honestly just thought my hair was not meant to be this soft and shiny and manageable. I didn’t think it was capable. But I have been proved wrong and I have these products to thank!

Have you tried any of these? Or do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear, I really didn’t used to care about my hair figuring there was no point but now I’m all ears!

P.S. Sorry for the essay. I wish I could write a dissertation on haircare.

Monday, 16 May 2011

NOTD–Star Gazer 104

Hello ladies! How are you doing? I hope you all had a nice weekend, I am so excited summer is almost here I can’t wait to sit in the sun with a cider! Ha, I do it in the rain, the only difference will be my frecklyness. That’s totally a word.

This is a notd from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post and it’s a pretty cool colour so I thought I’d show it. The pictures aren’t great (when are they), you have to go to imaginationland and picture this as a bright highlighter pink. The pearly effect and the reflects are accurate but it is hella brighter. I have three cameras in my household, not spectacular just point and shoot jobbies but none pick up neons, greens and some blues. Jokes.



Look at the pretty reflect on the bottom blurry one! This dries pretty matte so I think it’s the addition of a shiny top coat that makes this happen. This was two coats over OPI Nail Envy topped with the Save The Nail topcoat. As before the accent is 17’s Mini Skirt with Orly’s Hottie.

I have had this for a while, over a year so the formula was a little thick but it wasn’t unworkable, I just needed to be on the ball. A top coat definitely enhances this by bringing out the pearlyness and the purpley blue duo aspect. It’s a bit mad but pretty cool for the summery times ahead!

I got this in New Look, I can’t remember how much it was but polishes currently retail at £2.50 on the Star Gazer website.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bargain Beauty–Barry M Lips

Hello ladies, how are you doing? I hope all is well.

My lipstick collection has grown to the point it makes me feel ill sometimes. I feel I need to ‘share them’ in a way to justify spending on them. So I am going to show you a few more from my collection. As a poor student a fair bit of my collection is from the high street so I thought I’d do a little bargain beauty thing. Not on a regular basis or anything, I’m nowhere near organised enough for that!

Starting with one of the best choices for colour in nails, lips and eyes on the high street, Barry M…


This is the amount of Barry M lip products I have, nothing too crazy.


101 – Marshmallow, 53 – Coral, 147 – Peachy Pink, 153 – Pink Ribbon


LE3 – This isn’t on the website, it was on offer in Boots free if you spent £5 on Barry M I think. I wasn’t going to include it but the LE Boots polish is still floating around so I thought this might be too. 5 – Bubblegum

So swatches



And the glosses….


My application is shoddy at best. So, favourites. You can see the formula of the lipsticks varies wildly. 53 and 153 have the best formula, you can see they are waaaay smoother than the other two. 101 is the chalkiest mess ever, I’ve never worn it out of the house. You can see I actually look dead wearing it. Not cool. The Bubblegum gloss is pigmented which is great, but it also goes on streaky so it took a bit of work to make it look as even as it does above. The formulas of some leave a lot to be desired but for under £5 each I think they are good enough, the colour range is fab and they are easily accessible.

Another thing is that the glosses are scented and flavoured, in the case of 5 Bubblegum it is really strong. It is almost enough to bother me as I’m not a fan of bubblegum scent or flavour and I’m not normally bothered. If your sensitive to smells don’t touch these!


I’d recommend swatching thoroughly before buying if you are concerned about getting a dud!

Also, frosty coral lipsticks? Recurring theme on this blog.


Bottom is MAC Costa Chic, top is Barry M 53


L – Costa Chic, R – 53. Phew! Not similar at all, MAC’s is more or a reddy coral which is a total relief! No dupe here guys!

Do you own much Barry M? I have a few of the eye dusts but haven’t used them in ages as the looseness of them results in a dusty apocalypse for mucky pups like me. However I had a go at making my own mixing medium the other day so I might try them foiled and see if I get less all over me and surrounding objects….. I’ll let you know.

Barry M is available from Boots and Superdrug as well as the website where lip paints and glosses are £4.49.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Beauty UK Goodies

Sooo the other day I showed you this


The NYC thingy is just loose powder, I read a few places that it was quite good and I think it was £3.99 so I figured it was worth a go, my Sleek one is almost gone and the more I use it the more I dislike it. It takes all my strength not to throw it at the wall these days. So today I am going to show you my Beauty UK purchases. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before but they seem to be having an increasing presence on blogs. The counter at my local Superdrug is perpetually ransacked so I rarely see products I recognise, however the other day I went into the city centre where their stand actually contained products! What?! And some were sealed?!?!?! Gasp! The products at the Superdrug by me have always been opened no matter how much tape the staff put on them….

Anway, I came away with two lipsticks, two baked blushers which were on special offer and a lip lust.


On the left is Gossip Girl and the right is In The Buff. Gossip Girl struck me as pretty unique for a high street lipstick, it has an intense blue shimmer through it, love!


The colour is displayed on the end of the lid, a la NYX


In the Buff…


I love this, not too outlandish for days when I want to wear a brighter blush or eyeshadow. It goes on really well and feels comfortable. I wouldn’t guess this was as cheap as it is (£3.49 on the Beauty UK website)

And Gossip Girl


You can see this one went on a bit patchier, though I did just chuck it on. I am sure with a lip brush or something it would go on better. If the light hadn’t of been fading I’d have tried again. It still wears comfortably though. Another thing… these lipsticks both smell minty. It doesn’t hang about but if you are sensitive to smells its something to look out for.


It was two baked products for £6 I think, normally £3.99. I would have tried some eyeshadows but there were none left that caught my eye and I am a blusher fiend these days…..


I was worried these would be chalky but they don’t seem to be. I will have a further play though but so far so good, especially for the money.

Lastly. My only disappointment.


I thought I remembered reading some nice things about the lip lust range on some other blogs so I thought I’d pick one up. They are £2.99. I fell in love with the colour. Alas.


Applied heavily then sheered as it would be worn on the lips. You can see it is so sheer it just looks like shimmer. I know glosses are often more sparse on the pigment front but this one looked amazing in the tube, I feel more than a little gutted that it isn’t as I’d hoped.


This is the only swatch where you can see anything at all, the rest of them just look like shiny lips. Where you can see the pink on my bottom lip? I layered and layered it on to see how opaque I could get it. The answer is not very and this was with a lot of gloss! The pink didn’t even translate to my lips. At least it was only £2.99. I do like the packaging too, the applicator is nice, though the furriness could get ruined.



Also, look at this little bit of ingenious on the back of the blushers


OK so the brush is crap but the important thing is they tried!

All in all, I really like what I have got from this brand. The lip lust was a bit disappointing but I think it is just because I am now used to more pigmented glosses like those from MAC etc? What I have got has definitely made me more likely to get some more stuff, I’m thinking maybe eyeshadows next?

What do you think? Have you tried anything from Beauty UK? Do you have any recommendations? Available from Superdrug and the website.