Monday, 14 March 2011

My Cream Blushes

Again with the crap titles!

I’ve been feeling a bit better about my skin the last few weeks and with that wearing foundation with less coverage. With that I’ve been using cream blushes for a bit of a ‘glow’. Considering not that long ago had maybe three blushers I’ve been on somewhat of a bender. Not bragging or owt, just for me I’ve been on one so I thought I’d show you my (very modest compared to some) cream blusher collection.


See, relatively tiny! I thought I had more than this, seems the majority of my collection is powder!

First up, the Topshop cream blush in Flush



This is one of the first cream blushes I purchased and it is a fave, it looks a little full on but when on it gives a pretty ‘flush’ (gah!) that isn’t OTT. I apply all my cream blushes with a stipple brush to avoid going wild with the colour but I did take this with me on placement and apply with my fingers. I have read some people have issues with the longevity of these blushes but I have no issues. £6 from Topshop.

NYX cream blush in Glow



I got this in a order from US eBay along with most of the round lipsticks and a few eyeshadows last year. Again I really like this, it is by far the creamiest of the lot though, when I dipped my finger in for a swatch I practically lost it! It looks pretty intense in the pan but on it is nice and subtle though if applying with fingers use caution! Less is more! Available from the UK NYX site for £9.95, I think I paid around £5-6 from eBay.

Stila Convertible Color in Fuchsia


I haven’t use this one much as it is a fairly recent purchase from a blog sale. Stila is no longer available in the UK (boo!) and I had been scouring the internet for one of these at a reasonable price in a colour I wanted. Again, less is more!

Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose


Again this is a fairly recent purchase. It is much more peachier than Flush. It is beautiful and as with Flush I have no issues with the longevity. In fact for £6 I think these blushes are a steal! I would love to get more, next time I have a few spare pounds (unlikely giving I’m saving up to move out) I may purchase a few of the others that didn’t catch my eye at first. £6 from Topshop.

Finally, MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush


This was a impulse buy that I spied when queuing to buy something else at the MAC counter. I don’t regret it, it is very pretty. I know that MAC are phasing these out in favour of the Cremeblend formulation but this still appears on the website described as '’demure cool pink flush’ which I’d say is right. This shade is available in the new formulation with the same name but described as ‘warm neutral coral’ so maybe it isn’t the same after all?! Would be interesting to compare. This is £17 available from MAC.




These are all swatched heavily to show the colour, when on the cheek they create a sheer natural (as in not overly I’mwearingblusher-y) wash of colour especially if applied with a stipple brush as I do.

The cheapest of these are the Topshop ones and they are also the ones I use the most. For £6 I think these are great value for money – 2g less of product than MAC for almost a third of the price. If you are new to cream blushers than give these a go!

Have you tried any of these? Or do you have any other cream blush recommendations? I’m going to have a massive list by the time I’ve used up ten products!


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