Thursday, 3 March 2011

New(ish) lippie–Rimmel Coral Queen

In case you weren’t aware, I know that I don’t really have much personal stuff on here right now, lip products are my crack. It wasn’t that bad until the start of last year when I got my first MAC lipstick (Angel). I felt so ladylike applying it and it really completed my face. It has spiralled since! Not just lipsticks, glosses, stains, tints, polishes. You name it I heart it.

I went out for one of my best friends birthday last November with a ‘The Only Way is Essex’ theme. It was hilarious, not that I can remember much of the night…. Fake tan, fake lashes, massive hair and cocktails, it was madness!

I was just finishing my makeup when people were starting to arrive and one girl was wearing a stunning lipstick so I asked her what it was. I do this all the time, I’m so curious to know what people use and why! Anyway she said it was this lipstick and invited me to try it out which I did and I got a few compliments on the night.



This is Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick in 620 Coral Queen. I effing love corals and peaches and anything that shouldn’t look good on my cool toned skin but I will wear it regardless. I picked this up at the end of November/beginning of December, I had to look in a few stores before I found it so I think it’s only carried in the big displays.


That is one quick swipe and then a few swipes for opaque coverage. It is pigmented but has a sheen to it, it’s not flat and feels comfortable to wear.


Bit of a crap on the lips swatch but you can see it is quite wearable, it does pack a punch but it isn’t a completely mental colour that requires an almost bare face. I will say it almost definitely looked better when I had a tan, even if it was fake, so I think this may look slightly better on darker skin tones than mine. That being said I am ridiculously pale so almost everyone has a darker skintone than mine and I can get away with it anyway if I chuck on a bit of bronzer.

It lasts quite well, one to two hours on me but things do disappear of my lips quicker than most. As for moisturising, I will say it does feel creamier going on and at first but it soon feels like any old lipstick on my lips. I always apply with a bit of balm underneath anyway, I’m nowhere near brave enough to try this without.

I paid £6.29 for this from Boots but the swatch is completely awful!

What do you think? Do you recommend any moisturising lipstick formulas? Or any good coral shades?


  1. thats a gorgeous colour! i'm right into my ELF - gypsy lipstick just now, very bright if ye build it and lasts forever.


  2. I need to make an ELF order I might chuck it in! I'm a lipstick fiend right now, I need to stop buying but they are so pretty! x


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