Monday, 2 May 2011

Empty! Lacura Q10 Night Cream


Just a quick post today – largely because I feel totally out of my depth while talking about skincare. I barely know what is supposed to work on my skin let alone others…. That being said I just thought I’d tell you my thoughts about this product as Aldi’s Lacura skincare range has got a lot of press at times.


I can’t remember the exact price of this but it is bargainous, I’m talking circa the £3 mark for a 50ml jar. The packaging feels nice too, the lid is lightweight but feels secure and it is in a nicely weighted glass jar. I wouldn’t expect the price to be so low just judging the way it looks. The lid is almost the same colour as one of my favourite polishes too!

They say Lacura Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Night Cream with retinol complex and coenzyme Q10 is a rich cream developed with the latest scientific advancements for the effective protection and intensive care of facial skin at night.

I say I know everything I do about these ingredients from Wikipedia. It’s not the most reliable source of knowledge….it once told me John Virgo was dead when I am 90% sure he isn’t. Anyway, it tells me that retinol is used as an anti-aging ingredient that increases the rate of skin turnover and increases collagen. Well I’m 23 and don’t currently have any wrinkles apart from laughter lines and a few forehead crinkles where I drive with my face all scrunched up against the sun regardless of if I’m wearing sunnies or not. I’m going to be a wrinkly old lady fo sho. But at the moment I can’t judge on the anti-wrinkling properties of this. Regardless, it makes a nice night cream.

It is a white cream that is pretty stodgy. I only need a bit to cover my face as if I go wild it feels greasy and heavy on my face and I can sometimes still feel it in the mornings. For that reason I am going to try and find something a little lighter than is still moisturising enough but not too heavy. If you have normal to dry skin I am sure this would work a treat year round. It does leave my skin feeling smooth and soft and for the price you can plough through it and not feel guilty.

Would I repurchase? Not at the moment. Probably as winter approaches, I do really like this and the price can’t be beaten.

Using instead… I have a jar of Clinique’s Moisture Surge I am two thirds of the way through, I’m going to use that instead then try and find something a little lighter.

Recommended? Yes. I think this is suitable for almost all skin types except the very oily in winter and normal to dry skins in the summer. It does sink in quick provided you don’t overdo it and leaves skin feeling soft. Even if your not sure, for £3 it’s worth a shot. Available from Aldi.

Have you tried any of the Lacura range? My mum hearts Aldi and Lidl as she is not a supermarket lady so I often get dragged round. Most of what I have used is nice and worth a go certainly!


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