Wednesday, 16 March 2011

NEW! Sleek Avoir La Pêche Collection

This is just a quickie first look! I was gandering around my local usually crap Superdrug last night and spotted this new collection consisting of a new eyeshadow palette, Pout Polish and a blusher which sadly wasn’t in stock but I am going back later to check! This is totally up my street!


This is the Paraguaya palette. Cute packaging hey? Normally I’m not wowed by packaging but this is really cute and it’s metallicy, something different from the norm.


Top Row Swatches:


No Flash then with Flash

Bottom Row Swatches:



There are more matte shades than in previous Sleek palettes as far as I know, though I don’t have them all. In fact I’ve been half heartedly hunting for the Safari palette to no avail.

The other goodie I picked up is this Pout Polish. I’ve done a post before on the other ones I own and this one looks beautiful, this is Sugar May.


Again pretty packaging!


Again like my other Pout Polishes this is subtle


Still it gives a hint of peachy goodness!

Neither of these are showing on the Sleek website at the moment but palettes retail at £6.49 and Pout Polishes at £4.30. I can’t remember the name of the blush but it looked absolutely beautiful, I’ll be absolutely gutted if I miss it!

What do you think? I wish Sleek was consistently stocked near me, I know I can get stuff from the website but it annoys me having to pay shipping when there is two stands local to me of which neither are properly stocked!


  1. The Pout Polish looks lovely, and I especially like the bottom row of the palette x

  2. I know it looks ace! I can't wait to do a bit of eye makeup experimentation with it! I love peach, just in time for summer x


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