Monday, 10 January 2011

Review: Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF15

I got this way back when with this haul post and realised that I’ve not reviewed it yet and I can’t really remember seeing any reviews elsewhere so thought I’d better get on it!

I have this moisturiser in the formula for Normal/Combination skin. I have a oily T-zone (more so in the summer) and normal to dry cheeks and sometimes my forehead and had been looking for a moisturiser with SPF for a while but it didn’t seem like many were targeted at oily or combination skin. Although I am only 23 and have no fine lines or wrinkles I am freckly and have burned in the past so I am conscious of protecting my skin though I don’t feel the weather warrants a separate sunscreen for the majority of the year.



They say….”A lightweight moisturiser which hydrates skin all day long and strengthens its natural defences”

I have been using this cream for a few months now and feel it is long enough to give you my thoughts.

I do like this moisturiser. It works well and I like that I am getting added protection (a lot of my face products also contain SPF to some degree) but it does not seem to work on my entire face. I have found that if I apply this to my entire face my T-zone gets greasy much quicker than with my previous moisturiser, Nivea Oil-Free Moisturising Fluid. I usually only need to powder once a day but with this I was feeling the need to more frequently and even if I didn’t LOOK shiny I still felt it. I now use Boots Skin Clear moisturiser on my nose and chin and use this on my forehead, cheeks and neck and find this to be the perfect combination.

While I agree that this moisturiser does hydrate my skin all day and it is lightweight, it just isn’t light enough for my oil slick nose and chin. It didn’t break me out though I don’t often react to products and don’t have sensitive skin. I will use it up but I don’t think I’ll repurchase, if it’s too heavy for my nose and chin now it will be oily madness in the summer!

I bought mine from Boots for £7.65 though it is currently on offer with 1/3 off Multi Defence products. There is also a SPF25 version suitable for all skin types, a version for dry & sensitive skin and a night cream. If you fancy giving the range a try get in there quick!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for a SPF moisturiser that is suitable for oily/combination skin?


  1. I saw these on offer in Boots but as I was on a strict ban for buying moisturiser at the time, I bought some of their Pink Grapefruit range at the time.

    I have the same type of skin as you and need an SPF in the summer. I used the Skin Clear last summer and it worked brilliantly but my skin was pretty dry in the winter so I had to use extra moisture on it.

    I have another moisturiser to finish but I'll deffo try this come the summer.

  2. Oooh whats the pink grapefruit range like? It looks so pretty but I have like 6 cleansers that need using up before I buy anything else!

  3. I've got a review of it coming up on my blog soon, I'll leave you a comment when it's up but it's a positive one!


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