Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dupey Dupe Dupe?

Happy Sunday morning! I hope you are having a fun weekend so far! I was helping my Aunty move yesterday, nothing too strenuous but lifting boxes and putting things away and my back is mangled today! Coupled with a lack of sleep and when I did nod off the randomest dreams would wake me up again so I’m not feeling completely with it today. Add on the stench of ammonia from cleaning out the rabbits at 8am and you have a tri-factor of semi-consciousness.

Onto more pressing matters, lipstick. Or rather, some of my favourite shades of lipstick. I was reading a blog recently, though I can’t remember for the life of me which, where the blogger was using Barry M’s 147 Peachy Pink lipstick and had heard it was a dupe for MAC’s elusive Ever Hip. They went on to say that they weren’t 100% sure as they didn’t have Ever Hip. I have both of these and thought it would be a good idea to put it to the test.


On the left is Barry M’s 147, priced at £4.49 and available from Boots, Superdrug and the Barry M website (where there is also a Cookie cam so you can watch their rabbit!!!) On the right is MAC’s Ever Hip, a LE which was re-released with the Fashion Flower collection in the summer. MAC’s lipsticks are £13.50 and available from MAC counters, stores and their website.

EverHipDupe EverHipDupe1

You can see they look similar, maybe Barry M is just a teensy bit pinker in the bullet.


EverHipDupe3 EverHipDupe5

These were all taken with a bit of Liposan (Nivea) blue tube lip balm underneath. On the lips it is hard to tell the difference. The flash pictures aren’t amazing but you can see without there is barely a difference between the two. I would say the biggest difference is the finish rather than any discrepancies between the shade as Barry M is matt (and rather drying and sometimes a bit patchy to apply) whereas Ever Hip is a cremesheen formula which glides on easily and I don’t find it as drying as a lot of other lipsticks.

I took some swatches of these and some other shades I thought could be similar-ish for comparison;

Catrice Ultimate Shine 080 Coralicious Pink, Barry M 53 Coral, Barry M 147 Peachy Pink, MAC Ever Hip, Illamasqua Obey, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Bolero and Topshop Ooh La La



You can see on these photos that the main difference between them is the finish. I do think if you have them both then great, they are a lovely shade that I do need to crack out more often. However if you have Barry M 147, or missed out on Ever Hip (I wasn’t going to bother but went to Cardiff a few days after the collection launched and asked if they had any left out of curiosity) then I’d say Barry M is a good substitute. It might take a little more work in application and a slick of lip balm beforehand but your saving nearly a tenner and thats off RRP, god knows what the mother that is Ever Hip goes for on eBay.

I don’t wear most of these as often as I should. I only got Nars’ Bolero a few weeks ago so that has remained in my handbag and I wore Topshop’s Ooh La La on a night out a few weeks ago and loved it so I’ve worn that a few times since. I also love Illamasqua’s Obey but as it is SO matt I do struggle with it sometimes and have yet to find it’s ideal gloss partner, if you have any suggestions please throw them my way!

Do you agree with this? Have you any other dupe suggestions?

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