Friday, 25 March 2011


Hi ladies, I hope you are well. Have you had a good week?

I had a hideous exam on Tuesday so now I’ve got that out the way I’ve got time to blog about bits that aren’t just nails!

I thought I’d show a few bits that I actually use regularly. It’s all well and good reviewing stuff that’s been sent or you’ve bought and it is useful but I kind of think its more useful to see stuff that actually gets used daily you know? That’s the stuff thats worth purchasing.

I try and keep my skincare pretty simple, there are a few things I’d like to change about it, a few things I’d like to find an alternative for but until I use those up I won’t repurchase. Not spectacular but not bad if you get me?

This is one of those products.


This is Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk. The pictures a bit crap as it’s so bright (for once!!! Yayyyyy!!!) but it’s in a pretty purple bottle with a pump. I approve of this, there isn’t a lid but you can twist the pump to stop it for travel etc, not as secure as a lid I feel but in reality when bumping around in your bag they are probably equally as likely to squirt all over your belongings…


It is milky, not literally like milk but more watery than a lotion. It was trying to escape off my hand here.

I like cleansing ‘milks’, I have tried a few and they seem not to try my cheeks but not over-oil my nose and chin.

However this one is a bit of a dud. I use it twice a day, two pumps in the morning to remove my night cream and around six in the evening to remove my makeup. I wouldn’t try and take eye makeup off with it though, I remove that separately.

I use this in conjunction with my Botanics Face Brush and it gets my makeup off. Just. And bear in mind that aside from the occasional powder touch up I am normally still wearing the makeup I applied that morning. I do use a primer but I rarely have much left on my face regardless when I take it off at around 10-11 pm. If I am less than vigorous with my face brush I am still taking foundation off with my toner. Don’t even think about using this with your hands, it will do sweet f**k all.

I do double cleanse using Cetaphil to ‘loosen’ my makeup but I don’t like this one half as much as the one for oily skin that I got in NY. When that ran out I had to get the regular and I’m not as impressed, another I won’t repurchase.

So as to the title of this post. Meh. That is exactly how I feel when I think of this product. It doesn’t really take makeup off but it doesn’t make my skin feel tight. Just meh.

This was a gift but this is £16.50 for 200ml from Boots.

That is it for me, I’m done with Clinique skincare. I have the Moisture Surge moisturiser that was a GWP that I like on the occasion I do have dry skin but aside from that they’ve all been total duds! I have the eye cream from Glamour to use when I finish my other one, holding out hope for that.

Bah! What do you think? Have you used this? Or any other Clinique skincare? Do you have any recommendations for cleansers? I have no idea where to start looking for another when this one runs out!

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