Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Haulage! Kiko Goodies…

Evening ladies! Jaysus I need to stop spending the £$£$£, not even on stuff for my face just full stop! Moving up north has thrown up all kinds of final payments topped with a dead car has left my purse empty. Despite a mothballed purse I still struggle to ignore a 20% off Kiko deal…topped with free shipping on your first order to avoid the hefty £5.90 shipping and I’m suckered in.

A problem shared is a problem halved and all that so here’s the goods!


This little lost cost me just over £25. Not too shabby! Like a good blogger I managed to abstain from using allllllll these…bar the lippie on the far right. The box is a bit battered from being carted around in my handbag for the last week. Oops!




One thing that annoys me about Kiko is the numbers – no names for products!

Eyebrow Marker 01 Brunettes and Black haired women – this looks waaaay too light

Eyeshadow 129 Macropearly Light Beige – not sure about this, it looks a bit glittery to me!


Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara – big ol’ brush, I’m excited to use this!




Smart Lip Pencil 713 Pearly Ballerina Rose and 701 Pearly Pink Peony

Smart Eye Pencil 801 Gray Taupe



Glossy Stylo 807 Red Coral and 817 Bright Pink

These are the only things I’ve used (the pink one) and I really like it! A pop of colour that lasts well and it smells beaaautttiful. Expect a follow up!

In all I’m not totally thrilled at some of the products I ordered but I suppose that’s the risk of buying online. I would have researched more but swatches are scarce! At least I didn’t spend too much on these bits.

Do you have any bits you recommend? I do like Kiko so far, good quality for the price so I would love some suggestions!


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