Monday, 15 November 2010

Review: My Skin Skin Deep Cleansing Mask

I have been using this little beauty regularly for the last few months and it's high time I declared my feelings for it...
My Skin Skin Deep Cleansing Mask retails for around the £2-£2.50 mark in Tesco but they do occasionally have the line on offer, I picked this up for around £1.50.
They say... '...gently targets pores to remove the build up of daily dirt in your skin. Honey helps draw out the skins impurities whilst also moisturising. Strawberry extract helps control blemishes. Cimicifuga extract helps control excess oil and shine.' There is not a suggested frequency to use this but it does say to apply to damp face and neck, leave for 5-10 minutes then rise with warm water.
Although this range is aimed at teenage skin I do suffer from an oily/combination complexion, with an oily t-zone year round and the occasional spot. I wanted a mask that would remove the excess grime and oil from my face but not go a step too far and make it feel dry and tight and so far this has been fitting the bill. It doesn't feel like its improving the condition of my skin while its on but it does feel smoother and less oily after, though these effects don't last long. I'm sure that there are better masks out there that would feel like they are being of more benefit to my skin and provide long-term effects but it does as it says and at £2 for 75ml you can't go wrong for a quick fix.
I haven't used any other products from the My Skin line and as I'm not a teenager any more and my skin is likely to get drier as it gets colder (boo!) I'm not sure I will, but if you have oily skin giving you hassle they might be worth a go.....

Monday, 1 November 2010

October Empties!!

As I said in my previous post I'm trying to use up some stuff. While I am realising how much crap I have that I never want to use, I am also realising that I have products I used for a few days before buying something else, so it is taking longer to use things than I first thought! I have these three products, all finished in the last two and a half to three weeks....
First things first, I have no idea why the picture is sideways. I edited it using some free photo editing software to crop it and watermark it, didn't even rotate it from its original and this is how it turns out. I have spent the last half hour faffing trying to sort it but if blogger wants to be a bell than so be it : ).
L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover was £2 I think on offer in Tesco, I LOVE this! It is one of the only not ridiculously expensive removers I've used that doesn't have an oily residue. However, because of this the cotton pad does need a good soak so I do get through it. But still, thumbs up!
Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Fluid was an inexpensive purchase from Boots, I think around the £3-4 mark? This is what I have used since I halted the awful Clinique 3-step which was around a year ago! I would have repurchased if it contained an SPF, at the time I wasn't that bothered as my foundation usually had it but as I'm getting older (I'm only 23 but wrinkles still scare me!) I decided I would prefer one with an SPF. If you have oily/combination skin and want something light, non-clogging and get your SPF from elsewhere, give it a go! This is in half because I love it so much I wanted to use every last drop! And chucked the other half away before I took a picture.
Burts Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion was a sample from Christmas I think, and since I have a load of body lotions still left from then I thought I'd better get cracking and use this. It does an alright job of moisturising, absorbs quickly, in fact the only thing I didn't like is the smell. I usually don't mind milk and honey fragrances, although they are not my favourite, but this was very strong and lingered which I wasn't so keen on. If you love scents like this then go for it, if not then I would give it a miss.

I am well on my way to finishing another few makeup products and I will try and get some more reviews and swatches done, as well as an ace idea for a EOTN...stay tuned!