Saturday, 19 March 2011

Nail Fail Numero Uno

Oh dear oh dear.

You know sometimes you get ideas in your head and they seem like an awesome idea yada yada yada…..





My piss poor attempt at a gradient manicure. I’m almost ashamed to post this. In my head it looked so good!

This is Barry M’s Nail Paint in 279 Bright Pink with OPI’s The Show Must Go On from the Burlesque collection sponged onto the tips. Now my nails are getting a bit longer thanks in no small part to Nail Envy I thought I could experiment. Alas.

I’m going to attempt this again another day with different colours but until I get it right I will not be showing any more gradient nails on here! Patchy nightmare! You should see the other hand…words cannot describe.


  1. I love this! Gradient nails require practice but I love your result x

  2. I think this was a good attempt, I think with gradi mani's they take practice, I honestly think from the pics this is quite good (at least this is way better than my efforts! I gave up after the first hand!) xx

  3. Yay thanks guys! I think I'll give it another go with a few more variations, can you use any formula of polish or are some more likely to succeed than others? I always do my nails in the evening in low light so I can't see how patchy it is till the next day :s

  4. Lovely choice of colours my fave is the barry m shade!



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