Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Purchases–Laura Mercier


As I said in my previous post my spending has been a bit mental lately – there is much more to show you but these two babies are some of the many culprits!

Whenever I head back to Bristol I have to indulge in some shopping! Portsmouth’s shopping is a complete let-down and I can never be arsed to drive to Southampton so I take advantage of a trip back home every so often.

For some unknown reason I decided to head into Harvey Nichols. I hate going in there as no-one at the counters ever speaks to me. I know I look like a scruffy mare at times but I have money burning in my pocket and can be coerced into buying anything – a shop assistants dream! The only counter I have a good experience at is SpaceNK where the staff have always been lovely and I always end up dropping a few too many ££.

This time however I trotted over to the Laura Mercier counter. I don’t own anything bar a concealer bought via Buyapowa from the brand and having seen many pretties on Vivianna Does Makeup I thought it high time I took the plunge. The lady was lovely and it didn’t take long for me to leave with some new beauties.

I came away with a Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine and the limited edition Crème Lip Print in Nude Coral.

Lush Nectarine is on the left and Nude Coral on the right.

The lady applied some to me and while cooing over it I mentioned that my blush doesn’t always last very long at work. I think it is constantly going between air conditioned and non air conditioned environments – I’m always freezing or a sweaty betty!
I then moved on to gushing over these Lip Prints – this and the more pinky colour are really pretty. The lady then suggested this could be worn as a cheek product under the powder to make it last longer.

I’ve been doing this for the last few weeks or so and loving the result! It’s a really pretty peachy apricoty glow that withstands the arctic environment I work in!


Lush Nectarine has a teensy bit of shimmer, enough to make it ‘glow’ rather than ‘frosty the snowman’. The Lip Print feels really nice on the cheeks too – non sticky. I have also worn it on the lips but for me it requires a little bit of gloss over the top.

I normally shy away from luxury items. The price tag is a little scary and I have been disappointed in the past but these are totally worth it! The blusher is £20.50 for 3.6g and the Lip Print is £16.50 for 1.9g which sounds steep but these are highly pigmented so will last ages.

There is another Lip Print in Nude Pink that caught my eye – if I wasn’t on such a hideous NO BUY it’d be mine for sure!

Are there any other Laura Mercier goodies I should keep an eye out for? For my birthday wishlist?


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