Saturday, 28 July 2012

Review–Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer

Happy Saturday ladies!
I decided to stop blogging for a while as my spending was getting a bit out of control and I thought getting away from the trials and tribulations of lipstick would help me manage that.
Turns out no. I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT buying ANYTHING until my birthday in September. Except maybe perhaps for the new YSL foundation, I got a sample yesterday and I’ll see how it goes. But that’s it.
Well instead of still spending the ££ and having no one to spend it with I may as well pull my finger out and do some posting ay?!

In true me style I ran out of primer and ended up buying too many to replace the one that ran out. My last post was about Laura Gellar’s Spackle primer which was my daily work primer and I used this for weekends. However I soon began to notice how much better my oily chin was when using this so began using it for work instead. Add a switch in moisturiser and hey presto! My oily chin is not diminished but a billion times better than it was.
Bourjois primer
Bourjois Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer (what a mouthful!) claims to have a “Correcting airbrush action” creating “Beautified skin”. I can’t really argue much with this. In terms of covering my pores (my main concern), it works almost as well as Benefit’s Porefessional.
Price: £9.99 for 7ml at Boots – I swear I must have got this with some ££ off because I wouldn’t of paid that! It’s also available in Superdrug and a bunch of other chemists.
Packaging: A small plastic pot – I know some people have hygiene issues with pots. I personally don’t mind as I know where my hands have been but I see why people do.
bourjois primer1
The product is a white-cream-light pinky-ish balm. It feels velvety in application – like a lighter GOSH velvet touch.
I need to use quite a lot for the areas I cover – nose, chin, top of cheeks and bottom of forehead – to make it feel evenly covered. I have ploughed through this in the weeks I’ve been wearing it – considering I barely made a dent in the Spackle primer in 4 months and a bottle of MAC Prep+Prime lasts me 6 months plus.
I have also noticed a bit of pilling when applying, no matter how long I leave my moisturiser on before I apply this. Even when applying it to my hand it pilled and I barely used any.
bourjois primer2
That is probably the amount I’d need to use for my nose and cheeks, maybe a bit more.
Bourjois primer3
I can’t really argue with this primer’s claims. It does make my pores less noticeable and my skin look and feel a better texture. My oiliness is managed better than with other primers I have used and my makeup does last longer than without a primer.

Regardless of this I wouldn’t repurchase. In terms of ££ for amount of product and how quickly I’m going through it I don’t think this is a good deal and there are other primers around that are more economical. I do like it and will use it up but I’m not completely satisfied with this!

I was going to post a little update of what I’ve been doing since my last post butttt I haven’t really done much. Worked a ton, a quick trip back home and that is pretty much it! A few token photos..
This picture is crap, I took it of the screen before he came on but we were miles back! He’s hilarious! About 60% of it is the accent though, I love the Welsh!
Standard bunpic, a t-shirt of my Mum’s fell on the kitchen floor and it was been adopted by Brownie. No Fluff pictures today, she wasn’t particularly impressed by my camera skills…

Hope your all good! I won’t leave it so long next time x


  1. Hi, by the sounds of it you've tried quite a few primers.

    Was wondering if you could recommend a good primer for a value price. I've only just started using these types of product so any guidance would be great.


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