Saturday, 12 March 2011

NOTD–OPI Last Friday Night

Just a quickie guys! I know you’ve seen this boyband all before but I just thought I’d chuck in my thoughts.

During the stuff of legends henceforth known as ‘Sally’s Mahoosive Nail Varnish Binge’ I picked up the Katy Perry mini set. I don’t really know why. when I saw the promo pictures I was loving the look of Last Friday Night, in the bottle it looks effing awesome. When I saw swatches I changed my mind and preferred almost any of the others. Then I saw the set with adrenaline/nail varnish coursing through my veins and I grabbed it. I let the boyf choose which colour to start with and he picked this one.


I know my hands look ghostly but this is actually how it looked to me on the nail, a kind of icy blue was of colour with lots of different sized glitter. At first I was totally underwhelmed as I suspected I would be. However despite my hatred for visible nail line and it’s total disregard of this and flaunting itself, this isn’t too bad. In fact, when the light hits in different ways the glittery shimmer is awesome…



So the pictures are a bit crap but I didn’t go wild as this polish has been plastered everywhere and I dislike when blogs all have the same posts within days of each other!

Also because this was a crap post, token rabbit picture


He is so pretty! Here he is dozing under my parents bed.

Have a great day everyone!

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