Friday, 4 March 2011

NOTD–Color Club Untamed Luxury

Oh, herrow! I trust you have all had good weeks? So excited for the weekend! Going oop north to see the boy! Probably fit in another rummage through the CCO too! I am going to attempt a project 10 pan style thing, though I have been attempting to do this for a while. I have used up a lot of moisturisers and bath bits but makeup…not so much. I also have about 10 fake tans, gradual and instant and everything in between so I am going to be brown for the next few years or so!

This is another polish from my US eBay haul, I am wearing them one by one to try them out. This is the other Color Club polish I ordered and I am impressed, they seem to have pretty unique colours and are dirt cheap in America, another to add to the list for my Gran!


Firstly let me say that this bottle photographed poorly, this is more of a spring green with a hint of jade in the bottle rather than the teal it appears here. I would try and colour correct but I know it will all end in tears. I did a quick google for other swatches but I think this is part of the polish, it just doesn’t photograph well. Swatches appear between teal and turquoise which to be fair it does sometimes appear on the nail but the majority of the time this is a spring/primary green, on me anyway. I took a few pictures to demonstrate.


I don’t know why this one is liney but my phone does this sometimes. My digital camera keeps washing out colours and my Dad’s camera which does take better pictures rinses batteries! So that is being kept for face things.




So you can see how it varies in different lights? In short, I LOVE IT!!! Green is my favourite colour and this is no exception, this is three coats and although on some nails there is a hint of visible nail line it’s pretty much opaque. It did feel gritty even after a top coat but I don’t care!

This was around £2-3 not including shipping from US eBay.

What do you think? Have you tried any colour club polishes? Are you also a glitter fiend?

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