Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Trout Pout? Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker

I love the name of this! It’s brilliant!

I’ve had this for a while now, lost it (sister), rediscovered it and there is now little left (sister) so it is due to end soon as part of my Project 10! Also as I got another plumping lipgloss by 17 the other week I thought I’d do a comparison. I have this in the shade Candy Gloss, a pinky glittery shade, very beautiful.


Mine is maybe a year old now so it may be different to ones that are out now.


It has a brush applicator that I’m not sure they do nowadays. I generally prefer brush applicators, I don’t know maybe because all drugstore ones used to be doe foot it seems more luxurious to me? I don’t know, I find most glosses apply fine either way.

How did it shape up as far as plumping trouting pouting action?

S&GSexyMotherpucker2S&GSexyMotherpucker3After application

S&GSexyMotherpucker6S&GSexyMotherpucker7After 5 minutes

S&GSexyMotherpucker10S&GSexyMotherpucker11After 30 minutes

Recap – this is after application


I think my lips are a bit plumper. Not a whole lot noticeable though but this may be because I have full lips already. I apologise for the spotty chin, I have been having a few crop up lately and I’m trying not to put stuff on them so they will eff off quietly. Regardless of if I pick or not I end up with scarring so I’m trying to leave well alone and see if it makes a difference. Meh.

This started to tingle after 2 minutes and maybe stuck around until the 10-15 minute mark, it isn’t uncomfortable though or burning, just a bit strange.

If you have thinner lips than me, or even if you don’t but want an even bigger pout then give this ago. This shade Candy Gloss is showing on the Boots website for £8.43.

Have you tried this? It’s been showing on a few blogs but I thought I’d put it to the test. Next week I’ll do the same with the 17 Va Va Voom one.

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