Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Get The Slinky…?!


This is only going to be a little un today with the standard shoddy pictures. Partially because my flat has no light and partially because I am distracted by pizza and Poirot…..

Me and liquid liner do not go hand in hand! I have a shaky hand at the best of times and then there’s the eyelash conundrum…curl before or after?! Before and my lashes get covered in liner and it goes everywhere, after and it comes off on the curler undoing all my hard work!

So it is safe to say I don’t have the best experience of them and try to avoid if possible.

Recently however I have been thinking it’s time to pull my finger out and try harder. So this weekend I was perusing my local ‘big’ Boots and saw that the entire MyFace cosmetic range was half price. I’m guessing it is being discontinued or something?! The stand by me was pretty picked over but if there is something you love then get there quick! I picked up the lightest foundation Fair 01 and this eyeliner.


Feckin blinds.

This is Slinky matte liquid liner.


Standard inkwell/brush scenario. I like this brush, I found it not too stiff nor floppy. Even a total newb like me found this easy to ‘draw’ with. I also didn’t need to ‘re-dip’ the brush, the once was enough which I prefer, re-dipping means I am more likely to end up with it all over my face.


You can see it is definitely black, perhaps not the darkest black but enough for me. It looks a little chalky in the picture with flash but it isn’t when worn.

I have only worn this today so I cannot say I have extended experience of this eyeliner. However I have had it on for four hours with no signs of smudging or fading and that has included a sweaty trip to Asda. Nothing like an Asda trip to a) make you feel better about yourself and b) fear for the future of the human race ay? Though that could just be my local…

Here is how I wore it…



I used Urban Decay Primer Potion to prep followed by Verve, Pistol, Blackout and Bootycall from the Naked2 palette. I tightlined my upper waterline with Avon’s Supershock gel eyeliner and then lined my upper waterline with the Slinky liquid liner and winged it out a little. I used MAC’s Select Moisturecover in NW20 under eyes as a corrector then Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer in 1 to conceal. My brows were ‘filled in’ but obviously not very well with the lighter shade in Urban Decay’s Brown Sugar Brow Box. Mascara is a coat of Revlon Grow Luscious topped with a coat of Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast (free with Elle this month!)


Here you can see the wing a leetle beet better… (Poirot influence)

And for the craic, a face of the day…


Flat is a mess, I look like I have bonkeye and my hair looked like ALF’s this morning and hasn’t got much better.

I am also wearing Face Atelier’s Ultra Foundation in 1 Porcelain, Benefit’s High Beam, NYX cream blush in Glow and a smidge of Sleek’s Contour Powder in Light. I did have Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in 69 Flirt on, which is a new purchase I’m loving, but it’s faded a fair bit.

Ok – long post but the emphasis is – MyFace cosmetics are half price in Boots so if there is something you love or have been interested in trying then go for it – and my first impressions of this eyeliner are good considering application is not one of my fortes.

And in case you were wondering this is ALF.



Monday, 6 February 2012

A Little Empty

Happy Monday! I hope your day started better than mine! I am on annual leave which would normally make me happy but I feel poo! Why The Face!

As January the slow and boring and depressing month is over with and I have spent almost all my wages ALREADY I thought I’d show you a few of the things I have managed to use up in the last few weeks…


Top Left Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo was a freebie from John Lewis back in September when you took in an empty shampoo bottle. I’m almost through with the conditioner too and to be honest, I love this duo. My hair always feels silky smooth when I use them together and I don’t feel the need to use any other products (eg leave in conditioner) like I do with some others. This would be a definite repurchase – however this retails at £20 (eek!) on the John Lewis website so may have to wait until I’m in the money!

Top Right L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Replenishing Masque was a pleasure to use. It smoothed my frazzled ends, untangled knots and made my hair a lot more manageable without weighing it down. This won’t be repurchased because of – as I’ve banged on about before – L’Oreal’s animal testing policy.

Bottom Left Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is a beauty. This is my second bottle and the only thing that stopped me from grabbing another is my lack of funds. Next payday I’m thinking about a trip to the Isle of Wight where the HQ is for a look around the store and to get some more goodies from the range. If you’ve put off trying this and remain unconvinced by the hype – give in. I’m using Superdrug’s Vitamin E cloth cleanser in it’s place and while it’s good I don’t feel it’s as good as this one.

Bottom Right Superdrug Natural High Brightening Eye Cream…well. Lord knows my undereyes could do with some brightening. This wasn’t the cream to provide. It’s a nice formula, sinks in quickly and does provide moisture but I didn’t find it brightening and as I am (not so slowly) creeping towards a quarter century I feel like I need something a bit more heavy duty. If your undereye area isn’t too dry and you aren’t yet bothered about ageing then for the price it’s a goodie.

Do you agree with any of these? Or have you used any of them?

One last thing…because I went home this weekend…


Obligatory bunpix, Fluff cleaning herself and Brownie cleaning Fluff