Friday, 1 April 2011

Empty! Garnier Hydralock Hand Cream

I don’t know if I said this before but instead of a post at the end of the month/whatever with all the products I’ve used I thought I’d just do it as and when I use them if that is ok? Let me know if you prefer a bulk post! I just tried to do this before and found a stash of empty tubs that I forgot about!

I just finished this today and thought I’d chuck my thoughts on t’interweb as I don’t really think you see much about hand cream on blogs? I may be wrong and just skim past those posts though!

As I’ve said before, I am really tough on my hands. While I am on placement I have to wash my hands between each patient and this will be the case when I qualify and get a job which will hopefully be soon! Although I realise this is necessary it leaves my hands in a total mess. The standard hospital ‘moisturiser’ really isn’t so I need something hardcore to handle my hands! Could this rise to the challenge?


Ha! It looks odd because it’s been bent back and forth to get every last bit out! Can it handle my lizard hands? Um. It sinks in quickly, you don’t need much to give a good covering so it’s lasted a while and it does make my hands feel comfortable again. However, it does not live up to it’s 24 hour hydration claim. I haven’t been on placement since December and at the moment my hands are in a pretty good state but I still need this a few times a day to get rid of any tightness. It also does not wash through a hand wash. I suppose one could argue if you wash thoroughly it should remove all traces from your hands. Some hand creams I have used have still kept my hands soft after washing so they did not require an immediate re-application. Not the case with this one.

All in all? This is a good moisturiser. I have crazy dry hands so if yours are average to even pretty dry this should sort you out. For those with old lady hands at the age of 23 (me!!!!) you may need something a little more heavyweight.

This is £3.36 on the Boots website but it is available from all the usual suspects…..

Do you have any recommendations for the Hulk Hogan of hand creams? I’m going to need one before I start full time work!


  1. Hey missy, using my detective work i've come to the conclusion you're a student nurse? :P I qualified 2 years ago, during training my hands were really bad. Dry, cracked, bleeding, ouchie. I think i've used every cream in the world. A prescription cream that I found to be really good is Double Base? I *think* you may be able to buy this over the counter although I haven't tried.

    Since qualifying i've become a scrub nurse, which means 5 minute surgical scrubs before operations then covering up with gloves & gowns for hours at a time, and then the obvious day to day handwashing, so my hands (and arms) have once again become lovely and lizard like.

    One cream i've found to be utterly amazing is the body shop hemp one, i reviewed it on my blog...i've ran out and i'm trying soap & glory at the minute, but the hemp cream really is outstanding for uber dry hands.

    Sorry for the extremely long winded comment! Haha, good luck with the rest your training, and I hope you find a job quickly :)


  2. Oh wow thanks for the advice! No one seems to experience reptile skin like me but scrubbing in is 10x worse!
    Ha your close :P I'm a student radiographer so it's not quite as intense but still, a lot of rushing around and hecticness!
    I will definitely try the body shop one, I've got an Avon one to get through at the moment but I'm sure it won't be long.
    Thank you, I hope I find a job too, it's madness at the moment especially in the areas where I'd like to work, hopefully my elective will be fruitful... fingers crossed! xx

  3. Radiographer? Damn, good thing I stuck to the nursing and didn't try to branch off into police work.

    On the subject of being a radiographer, what is WITH those lead coats, arghh I despise wearing those, especially when scrubbed. I swear I sweat about a pound or two out during surgery :P did ye know they weigh a stone, actual 14lbs? Yah, I was a geek and weighed myself before & after putting on a coat haha. I'm rambling. Again.


  4. Ha you were very close! There could still be a policewoman in you yet though it's bad enough with people being rude when your trying to help them at work, let alone when your trying to arrest them!
    Oh my, the lead coats are AWFUL! I have to wear the skirt and top because I'm so small and on my last placement the skirt actually brought my scrub bottoms down!!!!!!!!!! SO glad it was at the end of a DHS so I was in the corner and no one was looking at me! By far the most embarrassing thing thats happened on placement and I do stupid things on a daily basis...


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