Thursday, 17 March 2011

NOTD–Models Own Coral Reef

Bah. This whole not buying make up lark clearly doesn’t extend to nails in my head. I went into my local ‘big’ Boots in the Mall to check if they had the Orly minis. I think £5 is extortionate for such a small amount of polish but I’ve got some points on my card so if a shade caught my eye I could get it minus spending the outrageous amount of £££.

However now that Cabot Circus has opened the Mall has given up the ghost as is refusing to stock anything that is of interest to me which is annoying given it is half the distance away with free parking and most of the same shops.

Anyway. To console myself I ended up with three Models Own polishes. They were on 3 for 2 but I still managed to defy the point of not spending money without even thinking about it. Meh.



I got 17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt too which is a pearly white. I don’t have a white polish and I’m trying to get more adventurous with my nails, though a shaky hand and clumsiness generally=crap nail art. I just wanted something quick and simple here so I did a heart on each nail with some cheap paint brushes I got in Tesco.


Coral Reef is one of those colours that I wasn’t sure if it would suit me at first but when it was on I kept looking at my fingers. It’s the closest to red I feel comfortable with.

This was three coats and on some nails I could see my white tips through. Still it dried quickly so wasn’t that much of a pain in the arse and I can see this getting a lot of wear, especially now summer is approaching!

So my local Boots has quite a small section for Models Own, I’ve been thinking about doing an online order for a while as I was going to get one or both of the nail art pens as well. Talking of the nail art pens, weren’t they supposed to be coming out in every colour? I was really excited for that and holding out for their appearance but they still haven’t arrived and the black and white ones came out in around November time! Have they just given up on the idea?

Do you have any recommendations for Models Own colours? I like the look of some of their Pro colours due out soon too!

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