Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gifts From Far Away Lands…

Bonjourno! As you may or may not know my parents went away to Rome last weekend and, ever prepared and knowing I was looking after/being taxi driver for my sister, I had a list. A list you say? A list of cosmetics.

A quick google of Italian makeup showed Kiko as the most prevalent from what I could tell so I had a look at their website (very nice and easy to use) and noted down a few bits that appealed to me. Then promptly lost the list and had to try and remember it when my Mum rang me from the shop.

Onwards and upwards…


L-R Eyebrow Marker, Shiny Pearl Lipstick, Water Blush, Skin Evolution Foundation, Nail Lacquers

This is just a quick look and swatches, I haven’t used the foundation yet as I’m waiting until Bobbi Brown finally dies and I’ve only tried one polish.


This is the Eyebrow Marker in 02, the middle shade of three I think. The nib is pretty firm and it isn’t that pigmented making it great for brows. I’ve used this once and it gave a natural finish, I think you’d struggle to go overboard with this unlike my Urban Decay Brow Box. This was €5.90


Shiny Pearl Lipstick in 190 Baby Pink. This is very subtle, just a tint of colour and glitter/shimmer. It’s very pretty and natural, nice for days when I want a bright blush. It does leave a little bit of glitter behind but nothing that a bit of balm won’t dispense of and it feels nice on, not drying. This was €5.90


Water Blush cheek stain in 02 Mandarin Fizz. This is again very subtle at first but buildable and it blends well. This is a goodie for days when I want bright lips like Vegas Volt. This was €6.90


As I said I haven’t tried this yet but the colour match looks promising which is a great start for me! The packaging is nice and the foundation colour matches the top of the packaging, though I haven’t seen the other colours to know if it matches to all or if it is standard. This was €12.90


Couldn’t miss out on any exotic polishes could I? This is L-R 335, 343 and 267. I have 323 on now so look out for that, 2 days wear and no chipping is promising and two coats to opaque! These were €3.90 each.

I also had a lipgloss on my list that wasn’t in stock but all in all I’m happy with these from my experiences so far.

KikoHaul7No Flash


Brow Marker, Shiny Pearl Lipstick, Water Blush and Skin Evolution Foundation.

I haven’t properly compared my products to the swatches on the website but they are what I expected so they can’t have been that awful. I did think Nail Lacquer 267 would be lighter but I am still delighted with the colour so don’t care that much.

I included prices as they aren’t shown on the website so although I was expecting similar prices to Boots I couldn’t be sure. I think they are pretty much on a par with chemist prices these days, I thought €12.90 for the foundation was a bit steep at first but they are coming up £13 in Boots and Superdrug these days aren’t they?

Anyway I will report in a few weeks how I get on, if it’s good I’ve already checked that there’s a store in Paris for my holiday in the summer!

What do you think? Have you tried many foreign cosmetics? Any that you’d recommend? I’m off to France, the Netherlands and Germany this summer so and only know of Essence and ArtDeco, is there any others you know that I can try? I can’t wait for a Sephora!!!!!!


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