Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Review: Lacura Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover

Now I don't know about you but after the furore over the Lacura anti-wrinkle creams and serums that has happened a few times over the last couple of years, I can't resist having a peek at what they've got to offer. In case you missed all the excitement (unlikely), Lacura is available from Aldi, yes the bargain German supermarket. Random, but I do have a few of their bits and do really like most of it.

Anyway, on a Aldi trip a few weeks ago I noticed this eye makeup remover and as I was running low on my L'Oreal, picked it up for around £2.99
I think, so around the same as the L'Oreal I think.

This claims to "remove makeup thoroughly and gently" and also says it is suitable for removing waterproof makeup without leaving an oily residue.
I shake the bottle and pour a little onto a cotton pad and that is enough to re
move my non-waterproof mascara and eyeshadow from one eye. It actually picks the makeup off your face, as opposed to remove it from your eyes but just push it around the rest of your face as some removers do. It doesn't sting or irritate my eyes but then again they are not particularly sensitive. One claim it doesn't live up to however, is the oily residue. It does leave some, not as bad as others and it does disappear with a quite swipe of tissue or something. I don't actually mind the residue as it makes my eye cream feel amazing, especially as I am using an eye cream I was contemplating chucking out as I wasn't rating it. Still not loving it but my estimations are rising....
I don't know that I love this and I am sure that there are better eye makeup removers out there but for the price which is cheap as far as makeup removers go, and the fact that it improves the performance of other products I use, makes it a potential repurchase. If you spot this next time your in Aldi, it's worth a try.

Have you used any Lacura products? What did you think?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Empties November 2010

Totally unimaginitive title, it's been one of those kind of days! So I know this is late but better late than doesn't even feel like December has started, I STILL don't have an advent calender (sad face) and I'm ignoring the lack of money/impending presents exchange for as long as possible!
So my trying-to-use-up-as-much-as-I-can-before-I-get-given-a-shedload-of-stuff-for-Christmas plan is going pretty well...

Cath Kidston Hand Cream in Bluebell
I got this in a set along with a Wild Rose (that I have also finished this month but forgot to photograph) and Honeysuckle scented version last Christmas. While I am on placement I get through a LOT of hand cream as I have to wash my hands or use alcohol gel between each patient, meaning my hands take a beating every day. I need something heavy duty to remedy this and this hand cream did not cut it. It didn't last very long on my hands and didn't feel that moisturising even whil
e I was applying it. Another thing to note is the scent - all three of these hand creams are strong scented. Scents have to be really strong to offend me and this was close, and more than a few people commented that the smell reminded them of old ladies. I doesn't think I'll be repurchasing these. They were a gift so I am unaware of the price but I have seen the set and individual hand creams sold in Cath Kidston stores.
Soap & Glory Butter Up
This body butter was in the Soap & Glory hat box I received for Christmas last year. It contains both cocoa and shea butter, '5 fruit skin smoothers' and grapeseed oil, among other ingedients, and it does have a fruity citrusy scent that I love, it smells very fresh. It does say that it is a skin smoothing formula - something that I did not particularly notice but then my skin feels smoother whenever I moisturise normally. I was concerned that as it is a butter it could take a while to sink into my skin and as I love sleep I am generally rushing to get ready and barely have time to moisturise as it is. This surprised me as it sank in quickly and didn't feel tacky and damp under my trousers and my dry legs felt moisturised until my next shower. My only concern is that I did seem to get through this quite quickly and at £7.50 for 200ml it isn't the cheapest moisturiser out there. When I get a proper job and don't have to use bargain basement products I will definately repurchase this. Available from Boots and Harvey Nichols.
Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth
This is another moisturiser that was in the hatbox, and aside from the scent (similar to one of my favourite perfumes, Miss Dior Cherie) I find this to be almost the same texture an
d moisturisation levels as the Butter Up. Again, I would repurchase this and would layer it with my Miss Dior Cherie to make the beautiful smell last longer. This one is showing as £8 for 250ml on the Soap & Glory website.

TIGI Bedhead Root Boost
I have an entire drawerful of volumising and thickening products and more often than not fall out of love with one and buy another six to replace it. This one has had a fair amount of love over the last year or so, it doesn't take more than a few sprays into roots all over and a quick blow dry to create
big hair. I do have a few Bedhead products and generally like them, this was good but I am sure there are better products out there. When applying I really had to err on the side of caution as even a little too much felt really crispy and stiff in my hair which I hate! I got this from TJ Hughes I think so I didn't pay the full retail price, around £8 I think. As far as volumisers go it is worth a try but if you also hate the crispiness products can sometimes bring I'd give it a miss. Probably not worth a repurchase.
Tara Smith Base Coat Serum
(Image from Google)
I forgot to take a photo of this before I chucked it :( I love this product. I started to use serum on damp hair after washing after getting my hair highlighted making it drier. I wanted to protect the ends of my hair as although I rarely straighten it these days I am wary of the damage colourants can cause and the havoc they wreck on my hair in particular. A nice pumpful of this on the ends of my hair made it soft and silky and tamed any little frizzy bits I have lurking (and there are lots!) This is free of nasties and not tested on animals which I like. My only bugbear is that this is no longer stocked in Tesco, where I bought this, and Asda where I have also seen it in the past. I guess it must be available online somewhere but I now have two other serums I am using at the moment. If I don't get on with these I would consider a repurchase but that is dependent on shipping costs etc.

So that is the majority of the products I used up in October, I've hit pan on a few cosmetics in the last few weeks so they should be Empties soon!

Have you used any of these products? What did you think?


I borrowed this tag from Dainty Dollymix, among others, as I guess I haven't really said much about me and what I use every day yet.....
TIGI Bedhead Dumb Blonde - undecided as yet
John Freida Tone Refreshing/Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
Styling products:
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray (LOVE)
Hair mask:
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and L'Oreal Elvive masque in the red pot


Shower gel:
Soap & Glory iFoam - smells amazing!!
Body moisturiser:
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter - I got this at Clarks Village, an outlet place, cheap and I love it! I love smelling like jam!
Sanex 48 hour, work can get sweaty
Fake tan:
I haven't bothered for a few weeks but when I eventually do its St Moritz all the way

Soap & Glory Clean Mary Cleansing Milk - only one bottle left..
Eye makeup remover:
A Lacura one from Aldi, surprisingly good
A Soap & Glory one from my hatbox I got last Christmas, it's pretty good but almost finished and I'm itching to try something different

MAC Prep + Prime or Almay's Pore Minimizer I found in the treasure trove that is Boyes
Bourjois Healthy Mix or Lily Lolo
Foundation brush:
If it's liquid I usually use my fingers but for my Lily Lolo mineral that I wear to work I use a Une Kabuki that was a good price and does a good job

My newly found power combo of MAC Select Moisturecover and MAC Pro Longwear
Max Factor Facefinity
Quite liking the MAC Cremeblush in Ladyblush and Accessorize Pretty Pink combination
Barry M Natural Dazzle
When I do bother it's either High Beam or Prestige Pure Shimmer
Eyeshadow base:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette or Wet n Wild Mono in Fine Wine for work
Bourjois Liner Feutre or Bobbi Brown Gel in Graphite Ink

Eyelash curler:
Eyelash base:

Max Factor Masterpiece Max at the moment, though I want to try Rimmel Lash Accelerator
MAC Angel, Barry M Peachy Pink, 17 Beehive and MAC Creme Cup

MAC Pinkarat or the Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker (what a name!) in Candy Gloss
Nail colour:
Any and all of the Accessorize polishes!!!! Currently have Electric Blue on my toes

Ok guys now it's your turn, I tag you!