Saturday, 28 January 2012


My oh my I am going to have to work on the whole posty title badgers. Maybe one day I’ll have an epiphany and will find them child’s play…. Here’s hoping!

Since the cold weather started to approach I needed a moisturiser that provides more relief than my summer fave of Boots Skin Clear. I got a little tube of Sephora’s Instant Moisturizer while in Paris this summer but wasn’t blown away by it. When it finally bit the dust on Christmas morning I was pondering what would replace it. Cue my Uncle popping round bearing gifts with a bottle of this…


Meet Benefit’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. It did come in a snazzy box but in typical me style it is lost, doomed to appear from under the sofa cushions at some point.

The Benefit website states that Triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++ hydrates, protects & comforts the skin with an oil-free, lightweight formula.”

It sounds ideal. Oil-free, SPF, lightweight, what’s not to love?!

Well. The main issue for me is it is not lightweight. On my skin anyway. At first it seems it sinks in quickly but I can feel it on my skin all day. It doesn’t always feel greasy as such but I am aware of it’s presence if that makes sense.

This makes me unable to use it over my whole face. My skin condition hasn’t changed that much with the colder weather, just got a little drier on my forehead and cheeks. These are the only areas I can use this, when I first got it and tried it on my greasy chin and slightly oily nose it was a disaster, no makeup would stay in place and literally an hour after applying my makeup my chin felt disgusting. I’m not about to attempt that again, instead I use La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo on my oily areas.

There are a few plus points to this….I do love the scent of this. I’m not sensitive to scents and can give or take them but this is refreshing and a little fruity. It reminds me of Benefit’s B-Spot fragrance if you have smelt that, light but refreshing and pleasant.

The packaging is also pretty cute if completely inconvenient for travel. It has a pump which is great for hygiene freaks and has yet to get clogged. It looks nice on my dressing table.


This is one pump, as I said it absorbs quickly and covers well. I use two pumps, one for my forehead and cheeks and one for my neck.

My conclusion on this is mixed. If your skin is dry you’ll have more success than me. However my skin is normal/combination so I can’t really judge and as Benefit don’t really give out samples and this is £19.50 for a 50.3ml bottle it’s a big outlay with a lot of product if you don’t end up liking it!

The quest for a winter moisturiser continues….

Benefit is available from Boots, department stores and the Benefit website


It’s true, I am alive and well.

In fact, I am very well. In this last month and a bit I have moved to a different area of the country, into a flat shared with my hetero life partner (aka my boyf) and started a proper job!

So far everything is going swimmingly. Yesterday was my first proper pay day which was exciting though most went on rent and bills rather than the Mulberry handbagasm I was hoping for (sadface)

Due to only getting paid yesterday and leaving my previous job the week before xmas, to say I have been skint is a mahoosive understatement. Therefore my life has mostly consisted of;


Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I am a total girl and have to have a spoon of hot chocolate in there too because the taste is ick but god knows what I would be like in the morning without it…


Reading. Fact: I heart books. These are all the books I have read since the new year, I am midway through the top one now. I actually squealed when I realised the library was a 2 minute walk away! When I have no money making the pub out of the question and the only telly the boyf permits is the African Cup of Nations, Agatha Christie is my saviour.


Exploring. I have left my beloved West Country for the south coast. I miss my bunnies a lot but they will be joining me soon enough! They had to stay home with my parents as I didn’t have much time to find somewhere suitable for them to live with me before my start date :(

I do love where I am living at the moment, with the exception of the occasional vagrant. It does seem that Southsea is where crustaceans come to die though…



Poor Sebastian.

In more makeup related terms, I have a few goodies you should be seeing soon, some from Christmas time and some payday treats!


One more parting shot of the exploration shenanigans last weekend…


I hope you are all well and had a good Christmas and new year!