Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Empty–TIGI Bedhead Dumb Blonde Reconstructor

Hi guys – just a quickie! I’m still at the boyfs and not home till tomorrow so this is just to get by on until I can get back to my stuff!

I have had this a while – probably since September time. I got it from TJ Hughes and I think it was around £5 for the tube. I also got the shampoo at the same time which is almost finished but it has about 2 weeks life left in it.


This isn’t the dirty great big pump bottle, just a 200ml tube.

I wasn’t really sure how to compare this to other hair masks used recently – L’Oreal Elvive and Pantene. This retails at £12.24 on lookfantastic. The Elvive one is around £5 and the Pantene is under £3.

They all basically do the same job. They condition my hair and get rid of knots (of which I have plenty) and leave my hair feeling soft, easy to comb and weighty, without being weighed down if you get me? The only difference I really see is that this one penetrates (eek! Hate that!) my hair better leaving a longer lasting effect. I can get away with using this once a week whereas with the others I feel I need to use it twice weekly to get tangle free non strawy hair. However this is over double the RRP of the L’Oreal masque and quadruple the Pantene! I go through this like nobody’s business too, my hair drinks it up.


Look at that colour though, I will give it that. Yellow conditioner cheers me up!

One thing I will say is while reading reviews on MakeupAlley some posters said that using it too regularly could cause your hair to break due to the pH or something? It was on one of the pages and I didn’t follow up on it as I only use it weekly anyway and it was referring to using it daily. There is nothing to say ration use on the packaging though so I don’t know if this is true, it is just to let you know.

Is it an item worth repurchasing? Maybe. If I saw it at £5 again then I would probably pick it up. I’m out of hair mask now so I will need to pick something up this week, if anyone has any recommendations for a cheap good hair mask for dry coloured hair let me know!

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