Sunday, 30 January 2011

What’s in my makeup bag?

Evening all! How is everything? I hope your week is going well. I’ve had to hand in an assignment this week, now I’ve got to get cracking on dissertation, EEK!!! Totally unprepared as per usual, need to sort my life out when I start working! Anyways onto the makeup bizzles…

I’ve seen this kind of post doing the rounds and thought I’d join in. The makeup shown is what I used while on placement where I put my makeup on in the car once I’d parked up (I’m not mental!) as it was such a horrendously long commute and I had to get there early to get a space. Nowadays while I’m either at uni or work I carry the bare minimum…concealer, powder, tweezers, nail scissors, lipstick and gloss.


This is my makeup bag, it was free with a Lancome GWP at least 4 or 5 years ago! Still it is big enough for all my crap and in pretty good condition. I don’t really care what a makeup bag looks like as long as it stops my stuff from opening or breaking! It’s a bit big but on placement I was carrying a massive bag with my folders and stuff in anyway so I didn’t mind.


Clockwise from Left: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW15, MAC Select Moisturecover NW20, Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues, Topshop Polish in Smoothie, Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob, Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara in Black, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in 02 Rose Ivory, MAC Lipstick in Angel, Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar, Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Blondie, Chapstick Apple SPF15, Barry M Lip Paint in 147 Peachy Pink, Tweezerman tweezers, nail scissors and Tweezerman eyelash curlers, Wet ‘N’ Wild Eyeshadow Mono in Fine Wine, Models Own Powder Blusher in Warm Glow, No7 Beautiful Brows pencil with the colour rubbed off, Benefit Eye Bright and Armani Lip Shimmer in 1.

Phew! So my necessities were the concealers, foundation, eyelash curlers, eyeshadow, brow pencil and blush. That was enough to make me feel confident enough to face the day and if I had time in the mornings I’d add some lipstick and colour in my eyebrows a bit.

MakeUpBagSwatchesNoFlash No FlashMakeUpBagSwatchesFlashFlash

The pictures are a bit wonky, I moved the top so the swatches would be directly on top of each other for a comparison. As I was working in a hospital the colours had to be very safe, I didn’t notice many people working wore makeup at all, if they did it was just the basics like mascara. I sometimes did feel a little overdone going with eyeshadow, foundation and all but I get red eyelids and redness on my face, especially when I’m tired, so I wouldn’t of felt comfortable without it on. I’d have been worrying about my splotchy nose rather than the patients!

How much do you carry around with you? How much makeup do you wear to work? And have you ever tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

NOTD–China Glaze For Audrey/GOSH Rainbow

Bonjourno! How is everyone? Having a good week? I went MIA (again!) last week and the week before, back at uni stress and assignments and presentations and dissertation supposedtobegettingonwithitbuthaven’tyet…

I changed my nails a few times during the weeks as I realised I have SO many polishes I am going to wear every single one and post it here, then it doesn’t feel so silly having that many just sat there for me to enjoy!

I know some people don’t like it but I heart wearing blues and greens, green is my favourite colour and blue is a close second so I love having these colours in front of me to cheer me up! Especially at this time of year when there is hardly daylight, sod the wintery dull colours, I want something to brighten my day!



China Glaze is a Tiffany blue, LOVE IT! The colour is beautiful and makes me thing of beautiful jewellery all day! Rainbow has flakies that reflect different colours from a goldy-greeny to a reddy-pinky, so pretty! I have worn it over a few polishes and this is by far my favourite combination I’ve discovered, I love it on my toes when I have tanned feet too. Application was average, not too bad but not amazing, the wear was the same. Stuff chips on me SO easily but I think I got 3-4 days out of this with some minor tipwear and a few small chips that weren’t properly noticeable, pretty good for me.

What do you think? Do you have Rainbow or it’s supposed dupe Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure? Any other awesome combinations you have discovered?

Lashes part II: L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes

Following on from my previous Lashes post here I decided to go through my entire mascara bag (yes, dedicated) and show the mascara with and without the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Mascara Primer. I’m still not completely sold on this, it does make some of my mascaras that flake stay on longer without that issue and you could see from it with the Blackest Lashes mascara that it made a difference but it hasn’t had that effect with all my mascaras…..



For reference, this is me with bare lashes.


Left without primer, Right with primer.

Argh, I still need to get the hang of taking pictures!!!! Hopefully the boyf will give me some lessons when I go see him next weekend Smile

L’Oreal say that this ‘millionizes’ lashes and has an excess wiper that removes clumps. I don’t think that this provides either. I got this when it came out, in fact around a week before it’s launch when I spotted it on the bottom shelf of a Superdrug in York. Even when I got it I thought it was OK. Nothing special, I have tried better mascaras for a lower price (Prestige) and this stuff HONKS! It has a not-pleasant smell, not enough to bother me but then I am not particularly sensitive to smells. Nonetheless, it could do without being there. Another thing, after around 2-3 weeks of wearing this it began to flake like there was no tomorrow! And I have dark circles so concealer is a must-have for me, this did no favours.

I sound like I am bashing this mascara and I suppose I am, I guess that I was expecting more from this, it promises a lot and delivers on nothing fully. It isn’t awful, it’s just average. The plastic brush is pretty cool though and a nice size, not too big if you struggle with the likes of DiorShow and Bad Gal.

As you can see the primer made little difference, my lashes are blacker and ‘thicker’ though I don’t look like I have any more actual eyelashes if you get me? Hopefully it’ll make this mascara a little less flaketastic, something I am testing today…

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? Any recommendations for a good volumising mascara? I could try different ones till the cows come home!

Avon True Colour Quad–Lace Hues

Hi guys, how’s your weekends going? Productive? Lazy? Either way I hope you are having a good time and if you made it to IMATs let me know how it went! Jealousy…

So my friend has just become an Avon lady and as it was her first months order I thought I’d flick through and see if there was anything worth ordering. I knew I was going to order the gel eyeliner pencil that has been doing the rounds on these blogs and there was a lipstick with a funky shaped bullet I’d had my eye on. I saw this quad and fell in love with the teal! I constantly oversleep and I am NOT a morning person, even with a coffee my brain doesn’t work until at least 10 so eye makeup that is non-neutral and involving more than 2 colours is far from my mind. However I don’t think I have any colours like this though now I own it I am bound to find about 6 dupes in my collection, sod’s law.

The packaging is pretty with the lace design though probably a bit boring if it was one of the standard ones. It is made of sturdy plastic and closes securely, no bag spillages from this bad boy!


Apologies for the crap pics, my digital camera washes EVERYTHING out so I’m using my phone until I can get to my boyfriend’s and steal his awesome pimping camera. The shadows from L-R top-bottom are a creamy shimmery gold with gold sparkles, a matte pinky-lilac, a mossy green with a hint of shimmer and a shimmery tealy blue.



Top picture is without primer (a few swipes too) and bottom is over Boots No7 Smoothing and Brightening eye primer. As you can see the primer works wonders on these shadows, they look so boring and are poorly pigmented without. The cardboard packaging has a suggested look for these shadows which I followed this morning….


I used UDPP rather than the No7 primer for this and the pigmentation isn’t brilliant though I used a wet brush Sad smile. This is the pink over the lid, green in the crease and teal in the outer V and teal under the lower lash line. Not than you can tell, it all looks a purpley mess to me. Next time I will try with the No7 primer and if I have any luck I will post it. You can see a little creasing already and this has only been on for around 4 and a bit hours, usually with UDPP I get at least 6 hour wear on the creasiest shadows!

This cost me around £4 (half price offer) from the Avon catalogue though I’m not sure if it’s in the most recent one. The whole reason I got this is for the teal and so far it is somewhat of a disappointment though I will try again with different primer. In conclusion, not a repurchase and I’m not sure how much I’m going to use it if it’s this hard to use.

Boo, have you had any more luck with Avon products? Any gems out there I should try?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Get your lips around…..NYX Fig

Evening guys! How is everyone’s week? Now I’m back at uni I don’t know whats more exhausting, there or placement. Definitely a tie at the moment. Oh well only a few months left then I’m FREE! Unleashed on the working world…

I showed you some swatches of my NYX Round lipstick collection before but they were abysmal. Some of the swatches did actually represent the colour but some transfer so differently on the lips so I thought I’d post them separately too, in fact I’m going to try and do my entire lipstick collection. Though my collection is nothing compared to some Sad smile

Without further ado….



Fig is described by MakeUpGeek as “satiny rose pink” though I’d say it is a little brighter than it sounds, maybe almost a Barbie pink on me. Thanks to the great British weather providing me with a complete lack of daylight the pictures aren’t brilliant but needs must. I would say the top right hand picture best shows the colour as it is on my lips and the swatch on my arm shows it well too. This colour really brightens my face but isn’t so overpowering that I really need to tone down my other makeup. It is a go-to alternative to my usual suspect nudes in my book.

I can’t really comment on the wear time of this as nothing lasts long on me, I am constantly smushing my lips together as I am a total fidget and need to constantly be moving something, even if it is just my lips.

I got this from eBay but there is now a NYX website for the UK, though they are more expensive than in the US.

Review: Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF15

I got this way back when with this haul post and realised that I’ve not reviewed it yet and I can’t really remember seeing any reviews elsewhere so thought I’d better get on it!

I have this moisturiser in the formula for Normal/Combination skin. I have a oily T-zone (more so in the summer) and normal to dry cheeks and sometimes my forehead and had been looking for a moisturiser with SPF for a while but it didn’t seem like many were targeted at oily or combination skin. Although I am only 23 and have no fine lines or wrinkles I am freckly and have burned in the past so I am conscious of protecting my skin though I don’t feel the weather warrants a separate sunscreen for the majority of the year.



They say….”A lightweight moisturiser which hydrates skin all day long and strengthens its natural defences”

I have been using this cream for a few months now and feel it is long enough to give you my thoughts.

I do like this moisturiser. It works well and I like that I am getting added protection (a lot of my face products also contain SPF to some degree) but it does not seem to work on my entire face. I have found that if I apply this to my entire face my T-zone gets greasy much quicker than with my previous moisturiser, Nivea Oil-Free Moisturising Fluid. I usually only need to powder once a day but with this I was feeling the need to more frequently and even if I didn’t LOOK shiny I still felt it. I now use Boots Skin Clear moisturiser on my nose and chin and use this on my forehead, cheeks and neck and find this to be the perfect combination.

While I agree that this moisturiser does hydrate my skin all day and it is lightweight, it just isn’t light enough for my oil slick nose and chin. It didn’t break me out though I don’t often react to products and don’t have sensitive skin. I will use it up but I don’t think I’ll repurchase, if it’s too heavy for my nose and chin now it will be oily madness in the summer!

I bought mine from Boots for £7.65 though it is currently on offer with 1/3 off Multi Defence products. There is also a SPF25 version suitable for all skin types, a version for dry & sensitive skin and a night cream. If you fancy giving the range a try get in there quick!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for a SPF moisturiser that is suitable for oily/combination skin?

Lashes part I: Prestige My Blackest Lashes

I have been somewhat of a mascara hoarder of late, constantly on my quest for voluminous lashes! After picking up the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Fibre Mascara Primer I showed you here, I figured I could show some of my lash stash and the impact the primer has. I’ve never used a lash primer before so I am curious to see the effect with different mascaras myself.



There you can see the brush size compared with some of my other volumising mascaras. As you can see it is nowhere near as big as the Big Fake and My Biggest Lashes brushes which some people prefer and I find it easier to apply to my lower lashes.



Mascara alone Mascara and primer


Bare lashes for reference

The packaging claims that this is an ‘intense black volume mascara’. I agree with this, this mascara does give volume and you can definitely see the impact the primer has! This is my everyday mascara at the moment after I finished my tube of Max Factor Masterpiece Max and so far I am loving it, it holds a curl, provides volume and length and doesn’t flake even on a 13 hour day! I don’t really have much to comment on the wear of the mascara and primer combined but I will use the combo this week and update in a few days.

First thoughts, definite repurchase if something doesn’t catch my eye by the time this runs out!

Have you tried any Prestige mascaras? Or eyelash primers? What do you think? Any recommendations?


A test using Windows Live Writer, just seeing how it goes…..


Here is a picture of my rabbit for your troubles…..

Sunday, 9 January 2011

It's not you it's me...... No. It's you.

Sorry folks that was me, ending my relationship with one of Soap & Glory's products. I really like this brand (available from Boots among others) and really like the products I have tried, using quite a few in my daily routines. I have found my first dud.

Hair Supply. You are, for want of a more sweary word but I'm trying to keep this place clean, cack. I ran out of my Elvive masque for coloured hair (in the red pot) and had this lying around in my drawer. I picked it up in New York after seeing it for around $4 in a Target or something. At the time I was thinking '$4, I love Soap & Glory, thats a bargain!' Little did I know...
I used it in New York as the shampoo and conditioner I was using was making my hair feel really dry and knotty so I figured my barnet could do with some serious moisture loving. This stuff made my hair feel coated and really flat and greasy but at the time I put that down to the water type at the hotel. Oh no, this was to continue. I have used this a handful of times since I have been at home and each time it makes my hair feel greasy and coated, something this product claims not to do. This happens regardless of whether it is left on for 30 minutes or 30 seconds. I tried to palm it off onto my sister who has drier hair than I, only for her to reject it too. So into the bin it goes. Sorry Hair Supply, your dumped.

Have you tried this? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for hair masks? (Not to expensive please!)

NOTD - Leopards on acid

Hey guys how has your weekend been? I have had a maxing relaxing one, still doesn't prevent the Monday morning uni dread though :( I have so much to do and it makes me want to hide away and paint my nails all the more!
On Friday night I popped to Superdrug in the Mall as I had seen a GOSH blusher on a blog (can't remember which) that I wanted to have a closer loo
k at. I saw no blushers but did spy the beauty that is GOSH Holographic nail polish with a half price sticker on! Win! As soon as I got in I removed my Models Own Fuzzy Peach (NOTD with comparisons later) and 3 coats later my nails looked amazing. Hmm, I thought, I could go all out and add something crazy. I have had one AWFUL attempt at copying Leanne at Do Not Refreeze's snowflake tutorial and haven't bothered with nail art again. That was to change.......
So this was three coats of Holographic, a few random dots with Barry M's 279 Bright Pink and I used an ageing onitswayout Bourjois Liner Feutre to go around the pink spots in random C-shapes. As the liner is a bit aged now it is not as pigmented as it was and the brush is splaying slightly, if I had used a newer liner it may loo
k neater but I am incredibly cack handed so I can't guarantee that. This manicure suffers from the Monet effect - from far away it looks OK but up close it's a big old mess. A gold star to whoever gets the film..... Observe, much better from a distance..
I am pleased at my first attempt though and I may try again with some more leopardy (it IS a word) colours.

So what do you think? I am considering buying a cheap liner to get a more defined and pigmented line for my next effort, does anyone have any recommendations?
Also I apologise for the abundance of NOTD posts, after not being able to wear nail polish for over 3 months I am on a binge!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NOTD Models Own Gun Grey

Happy Wednesday! I know it's only midweek and it is a 4 day working week but my god for me it is going sloooow. That may be because I had a day off today hoping to get started on some work (didn't happen) and instead overdosed on Diagnosis Murder. If thats possible.
Anyhoo, I got this varnish a few months ago as I was going out for my friends 'Only Way is Essex' birthday night and this matched my outfit....
The second picture is with flash and that shows the colour as it is in real life, a dark blackened grey though in some lights it can appear browny. Wear is quite frankly ashtonishing. You can see that huge chip? That has appeared since I painted these last night and when I noticed it at around lunchtime today, the time inbetween I was either asleep or watching TV and on the laptop - hardly nail-chipping activity! This happened when I wore it for my friends birthday too, within around 2-3 hours I had chips on at least 3 fingers. I have a few other Models Own polishes and I swear they are not this bad but I am going to but one on tonight to check.
I paid £5 for this from Boots and it is also available from the Models Own website.
How about you ladies, how have you fared with Models Own polishes? Any goodies I should be keeping an eye out for?

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Find - L'Oreal Studio Secrets Mascara Primer

Hey guys how has your day been? First day back at uni today, all work and no play!
So I was snooping around Boots in York last week looking for something to go with the two items I wanted as it was 3 for 2. I have never paid any attention to the L'Oreal Studio Secrets stand before, I haven't heard amazing things about any of the products and there is nothing that has ever caught my eye to make me research it more but for some reason I thought I'd take a look. Lo and behold...
I have never noticed this before and a quick google didn't enlighten me much, I'm not sure if it's a new product that got ignored or if it's been there all along and I just haven't noticed it.
The packaging describes it as a "Fib
re mascara - fash lash effect". I don't have any pictures of this in action just yet as I want to try it with a few of my old favourite mascaras to judge just how much impact it creates but I will post asap! Here are a few pictures of the brush, the picture with flash isn't great but it shows you the fibres on the brush...
I really need to get the hang of blogger! I suppose the best way is by posting more, need to get my ass in gear!
What do you think guys? Have you seen this? I've never tried an eyelash primer before, is it worth it?


I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and new year! What did you get up to?
I just got back from the boys today, back at uni tomorrow :( but it's the last stretch before I'm all qualified and can start earning some proper money!
I went
on something of a makeup binge and got a few goodies I'm trying out so expect a few posts in the next few days....
Anyways, these are the polishes I've been wearing for the last few days....
I have no id
ea why this is sideways but Blogger has done this to me before. Sigh. This is Essie's Tart Deco and Accessorize Molten Copper. This is my fourth Accessorize polish and so far I'm impressed. Such beautiful shades!
Tart D
eco is from the Spring collection (I think) and is BEAUTIFUL! Due to the lack of light I was unable to take some good pictures, the colour on my little finger is the closest I could get to real life. It usually looks great with my skin tone but I think as I'm so wintery pale it didn't look quite as good this time. This was three coats, two might have done but on some nails I could see nail line which I hate so I gave three for luck along with two coats of Molten Copper on two nails of each hand.
You can see on the picture that the finger with Molten Copper on it has a strange orange tone beneath it. That isn't the polish, it is just bronze glitter in a clear base, but Tart Deco goes a hideous radioactive orange colour when you apply top coat which is what you can see.

You can see the sparkle in Molten Copper though not quite the complexity. It really does sparkle between light and dark tones with a rose gold hint (crap description) but it is beautiful! I did this on Saturday and there are some chips and tipwear on the Essie only nails but that is likely due to the lack of top coat, I have worn it before and got a longer chip-free period.
Another quick yet again sideways pic just to show you the true hideousness of Tart Deco with top coat! Top with topcoat, second Tart Deco alone.
I do love Tart Deco and wear it frequently so I'll try and take some better pictures next time I wear it.
I got Tart Deco from a drugstore in New York but Essie is available from department stores at around £8-9 and Accessorize polishes are available from Accessorize and Superdrug and cost £4.
Sorry it's a bit of a crap post but I haven't posted in ages and thought I should do something!
How were your new year celebrations? I had a quiet one, stayed in with the boy and his nephew watching the Sopranos. I've just started watching it and I'm hooked!!!