Monday, 28 February 2011

NYX Lipsticks

Argh I need to think of better names for my posts!

I did some swatches of these last year but they were actually awful so I’ve tried again. These are a bit better…..only slightly though. Dammit! I thought I’d swatch these as the swatches on website where UK ladies can get these, such as Cherry Culture, are awful.


NYXLipstick1No Flash


I have 7 of these lipsticks in total and I have already shown you Fig. I got mine from eBay US for a great price, they have deals where you can pick 6 colours for a set price. I got Fig with a separate order.




Thalia looks brown in the tube but as you can see it isn’t that brown on the lips. When I received it I was shocked by the colour and a little disappointed but it is more wearable than I anticipated.


SO CHALKY!!!!! This shade looks pretty ludicrous on me but topped with some gloss I can get away with this though only when I have a tan. I’d say this one is probably better suited to darker skins. The formula is hard to work with too, the application looks so bad in those pictures and that’s with me trying to work it, not just a slap on and go!


This one is 90’s frosty madness! All I need is some brown lipliner! Again this one needs gloss to take the edge off! Otherwise it’s a really nice colour, shame about the frosty overload really.


I really like this colour, it’s a really nice bright pop that isn’t too overbearing. If you didn’t work in a too conservative office I’d say this is safe for work. The formula leaves a lot to be desired again. This one isn’t chalky but there isn’t a silky even application, bald patches galore!


This one is for me a my lips but better shade and by far my most worn of the lot. This one has a great formula and I think is pretty universally wearable.


This is what I mean when I talk about finding gems in my collection! I have hardly touched this since I got it and I really like it! A bubblegum barbie pink! I will try and swatch this next to Viva Glam Gaga and All Styled Up by MAC, I think these are the two shades I own that are closest to this. The formula on this one is quite nice too.

I think these lipsticks are great for the price, they were only a couple of pounds each including postage. I don’t like how the formula can vary wildly between shades and that Jupiter is ludicrously frosty, I don’t like frost anyhow but this is wild!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these? Or do you have any recommendations?


  1. I have Tea Rose and love it (=

  2. ooh they all look really nice :)
    cute blog!

    Linsay x

  3. @ Gaby I love it too! So easy to chuck on as I'm heading out the door and the formula is really nice!
    @ Linsay Thank you! Still a work in progress I'm afraid... I did have a real NYX binge a few months ago I've got some shadows and a palette to post about too :s went a bit wild on eBay!


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