Thursday, 17 February 2011

NOTD that you’ve all seen before…

Oh my god I hate my nails right now. This time last year when I was on clinical placement both thumb nails split about a third of the way down = muchos muchos pain and the use of alcohol gel and constant hand washing on my last placement just started a reoccurrence. I have spent plenty of time moisturising and oiling my hands since to no avail, my effing right thumb nail has split again! I could cry!

Anyway I hope you guys, and your hands, are having a better time than mine : (

This is my current nail polish that I’m going to change tonight and although I’m sure you’ve seen it I thought I’d throw in my 2p….


This is Accessorize Pink Spice. If you haven’t already tried any Accessorize polishes I urge you to! For £4 the formula, wear and application is spectacular. I must have 5 or 6 now and most if not all are 2 coaters, saying something with my awful application skillz.

There was a lot of hype about this one and Aztec, which I also have, and it fully lives up to it. You can kind of see in the picture about the pink with magenta and copper flashes, it really looks different in every light. SO beautiful! This is one of those where I stare at my nails when I’m typing.


On the first picture you can see the magenta (am I even talking about the right colour? I’m crap with describing) and the second you can see the copper. Divine! I do have tipwear and a few chips but as I applied this on Monday night this is spectacular wear for me! I know I’m gushing but I am so impressed with these, the price and the variety and depth of colours is awesome!

What do you think? You likey? Have you tried any Accessorize polishes?

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  1. Nice colour, I haven't tried any of the Accessorize polish, but really want the blue one :-)


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