Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blush–Models Own Warm Glow

Herrow! How is everyone’s week? I hope it’s going well, I’m totally knackered and it’s not going to get better until this effing dissertation is finished!

Considering until not that long ago I owned two blushes; the Body Shop one I showed a few days ago and a Bourjois one, I have fully jumped on the wagon. I look dead without it! I must have close to 25 now which I know is nothing in comparison to some fanatics but considering I have one face it’s a lot to me!

Here is one I must have owned for close to a year now, it looks a little crazy in the swatches but with a light hand it gives a pretty flush, especially good with a tan. It just warms a brightens my complexion, yay! I did try and take some on-cheek photos which I know always help but they looked awful, I just couldn’t get the colour to look accurate or me to not look like a tranny so there is one but bear in mind it is the best of a bad bunch!

Without further ado…




I think the top two pictures display the blusher closest, the bottom one is a little dark but shows you the peachy orangey goodness!

Although I normally don’t give much thought to the packaging unless something is actually awful, I do like this. It is pretty sturdy and I like the clear packaging, it makes it easy to see it in my box o blusher! This has been chucked around in my handbag a fair few times and it has escaped with nay a scratch or chunk missing!



Left is swatched heavily, right is blended. You can see there is a kind of sheen to this. It’s not too crazy and is just literally a sheen. It just adds to the healthy radiance this gives me.

I think this would work for most skintones, I’m pretty pale and have to use a light hand so I imagine darker skins could work this too with a heavier hand.

If you are pale though and don’t feel comfortable wearing this there are two other Models Own blusher colours that as far as the website shows may be slightly lighter.

I really like the quality of this it doesn’t look chalky and is nicely pigmented. I wore this solidly for months and I’ve barely dented it!


I know it’s severely cropped, I wasn’t wearing any other makeup aside from a smidge of Bobbi Brown Skin foundation on the one cheek to even my skintone a little and this. Look at those dark circles and effing sideburns! *weep*

I hope it hasn’t scarred you for life.

Models own blushes are £5 and available from Boots or the Models Own website. Also available in Cheeky Pink and Peach though I haven’t tried these.

What do you think? Models Own seems to get a lot more props for their polishes than anything else, are they unloved or untried?

Have you tried any Models Own products? What did you think?

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