Monday, 21 February 2011

Lipstick Collection–Avon Pink Pop

Gutentag ladies, how are your weeks going? I only have uni one day a week at the moment as I’m supposed to be cracking on with dissertation…. I still find I’m living for the weekend though!

I’m going to try and swatch all of my lipstick and lipgloss collection. I thought I’d start with some that not everyone has, like MAC Angel or Creme Cup. Though they are great and I regularly reach for them swatches are so easy to come by I thought I’d look at something else first.

As I may have mentioned my friend has recently become an Avon rep so I was her first order! I haven’t had anything from Avon in years and I wasn’t sure what to start with but I had seen these lipsticks on a few blogs aggges ago and the bullet looks wicked!


This is Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Pink Pop. Look at that bullet! The shade is a little brighter in real life but it has been so overcast lately this is the best of several attempts!

They say Colour magnifiers boost the colour by highlighting and reflecting the true colour, so what you see is richer and more impactful. Rich, creamy formula wears for hours. SPF 15.

Hmm. I’m not sure that I agree with any of that. The SPF is a nice bonus, something not often seen in lipsticks or at least many that I own. However as for the rich, impacting colour? See for yourself.


This is a good few swipes and you can see it isn’t particularly rich or creamy, more sheer and shimmery.


Again this is a good few swipes on the lips. It provides more of a glossy sheer finish which I do like and it is easy to whack on and go if you want something low maintenance. However it is nothing like I was expecting and when I first swatched it I was a little disappointed. I don’t find it particularly long lasting either and it can tend to disappear leaving a trail of glitter in it’s wake.

Overall I’m pretty meh (technical term) about this. I do like it and it is easy to use on the go but I would usually use a gloss for that and it isn’t what I was expecting at all.

I didn’t pay full price for this, I can’t remember exactly how much it was, around the £4 mark. It’s full price is £8.50 though it is on offer for £5.50 currently on the Avon website. Also available from your Avon rep.

Have you tried this? Or any other Avon products? Any you would recommend?

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