Thursday, 24 February 2011

Max Factor Vibrant Curve Lipgloss

My oh my am I late writing about this one! Especially as I got it agggges ago when it first came out! I can’t remember exactly when it came out but it was some time last year. A big deal was made about the applicator of this which supposedly makes your lips appear plumper or something, there’s a curved applicator which gives this product it’s name. I was hovering around these for a few weeks waiting for a introductory offer as one was clearly going to appear.


See how bright it looks? This is the shade 04 Me Me Me. I’m not particularly interested in the supposed fuller lips effect as my lips are pretty full anyway but I fell in love with the colour! I thought it’d add a pretty pop of colour on my lips when I’m wearing my usual everyday boring makeup and as I’m a glitter fiend and this looks intensely shimmery I was sold.



Crazy fuller lips creating applicator. I’m not sure how much this worked, if at all. As I said I have full lips already and own one lip plumping product, this doesn’t have the fuzzy stinging feeling usually associated with plumping products I think this relies on the applicator alone. You can see it’s a doe foot, aside from the shape I’m not really sure what else sets it apart. It certainly doesn’t feel much different on the lips when applying.

MaxFactorMeMeMe4Phone pic

MaxFactorMeMeMe5Camera pic

I took swatch pictures on my phone and camera, my camera tends to wash bright colours out slightly so the top picture is probably best for the colour but the bottom shows the amount of shimmer more.

A little deflated by the pigmentation?


What. The. Hell. It actually adds nothing, that is pretty much my natural lip colour. I was really disappointed with this in comparison to the colour in the tube. The shimmers don’t even appear, I know they are kinda fine but still, nothing! I wear this over lipstick instead of clear gloss as it pretty much does the same thing. The swatch on the Max Factor website shows this as fuchsia with no mention of the shimmer and the same with the Boots website.

The RRP for this is £7.99 according to the Boots website but I paid £5.99 for this I think. Not that I particularly recommend it. If it’s plumping your after, this isn’t the answer. As for pigmentation, same thing. My Barry M glosses have way more pigmentation and they are half the price!

Also Max Factor are owned by Procter & Gamble who as far as I am awaretest on animals according to this and other sites. This is something I have been trying to avoid since just before Christmas so though I will try and use this up I won’t be buying Max Factor products again.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these?

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