Monday, 7 February 2011

Lashes part III: Collection 2000 Big Fake

This is my third lashes post, looking at L’oreal Volume Million Lashes and Prestige Blackest Lashes previously.

This mascara was bought on a whim when I was on my way to my boyfriend’s brother’s birthday party, I needed to do my makeup in the car and didn’t take a mascara so we stopped off and I got this one. I had seen it mentioned on a few blogs and it got some props so thought it was worth a bash.


You can see the wand for this is MAHOOSIVE! Seriously, I thought the likes of Bad Gal and My Biggest Lashes were big, this is ginormous by comparison. I don’t normally struggle with large brushes but I do feel nervous wielding this one around especially if I’ve already done my eyeshadow and all that bizzles.

The packaging is pretty nice, especially as it was under £5. I don’t normally care about packaging, if a product is nice enough I’ll use it regardless but it is nice to have something sturdy housing a cheaper product.

This mascara claims to ‘double your lash size!’ Hm.

BareLashesBare Lashes


Big Fake Big Fake and L’Oreal Mascara Primer

It does add some volume and length but probably less than the majority of my other volumising mascaras. I don’t think the fact that it is cheap excuses it as my Prestige mascaras are only a maximum of £2 more and they do a MUCH better job of volumising and lengthening. It also did seem a bit dry out of the tube, I notice this has been mentioned by others and it does make me wonder how long it will last before it begins to flake.

You can see the primer has made my lashes longer and volumised, this is likely to be the only way I wear this mascara as it doesn’t really impress me but I do see others have had some success.

This is available from Boots and Superdrug and is around £5.

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think?

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