Sunday, 13 February 2011

At A CCO/S Near You….


Today my post is a little cheeky as it shows products that aren’t exactly readily accessible but I couldn’t resist!

I am very lucky in that my boyfriend lives pretty close to a Cosmetic Company Store (or CCOutlet in the US I think?!) so almost every time I see him, every two or three weeks (GAH LONG DISTANCE!!!!!!!!!) I have a sneaky peek in there and see what’s on the shelves. I force myself to do this as a few weeks ago there was a label there for the Lazy Day lipstick from the To The Beach MAC collection last June or so, but it wasn’t there! I can’t have missed it by long and I lusted after that lipstick but couldn’t afford it at the time. Still, moving on. Last weekend I popped by just as they were re-filling the shelves, score. And lo and behold, the new lip products were from last summers Digi-Pop and Dare To Wear collections! I loved the majority of things in this collection and I can be a glitter fiend so I was overjoyed to find things that I missed last time around, again due to a lack of funds.


These are my purchases. I already had Naughty You from the collection but it is also available at the CCS.

Colour descriptions from Temptalia:

Naughty You Dazzle Lipstick brightened medium pink with fuchsia glitter

Sweet Bits Dazzle Lipstick grayish lilac with multi-colour glitter (predominately light fuchsia)

So Bad Lipglass medium-dark coral melon

Dare To Dare Lipglass light medium pink semi-sheer base with white and pink micro-shimmer



I don’t have any on-lip swatches as I was sure the glitter from each would contaminate the glitter of others and make them appear differently but you can see from the swatches how pretty they are. They are more suitable for evening I guess but also surprisingly wearable, I don’t particularly find the glitter takes over my whole face, not with the lipsticks anyway. They are also very smooth, not gritty at all.

I am not sure of the exact price of these but it was around £9-10 each, I think standard discount for CCS here. Also for reference these were from the one at York Designer Outlet.

What do you think? Did you get anything from the collection or are you regular at the CCO/S stores? Is glitter your thang? (sorry!)


  1. I always plan to go to the CCO but I never get around to it, I really should because I need to sort a decent makeup kit out once and for all.

  2. great swatches! i love the purplish colors :)

  3. Ah me too, I keep buying crap! I'm really trying to pull my finger out and use some stuff up but makeup is so pretty!


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