Monday, 7 February 2011

No7 Spice LE Nail Colour & Comparisons

Good evening! How was everyone’s weekends? I hope not too affected by the blustery weather! I went to the boys, horrific journey there and back : ( sometimes distance relationships are a pile of balls.

On to more pressing matters…with my one (1! solitary!) No7 voucher I snuck in to Boots on the day the spring collection came out and snapped up this bad boy! I’d seen it on a few blogs and was sure it would sell out and sure enough when I revisited the Mall a couple of days later the display had been ransacked!

When I got it home I felt a bit stupid, I have a million (a few) similar colours and I kind of thought I’d wasted my voucher when I could of got the Grace lipstick I also have my eye on. Then I applied, woop! I love it! It’s one of those keep staring at my hands shades, it really ‘went’ with my skintone! Which never happens, good times. Anyways, I thought I’d do a comparison to some of my other shades in case anyone else was holding off for the same reason.


L-R Natural Collection Antique Coral, Models Own Fuzzy Peach, No7 Spice, Essie Tart Deco and GOSH Peachy

You can already see it’s a little pinker in the bottle as opposed to peachy, much moreso than I thought it was when I picked it up.


You can see it is definitely more pink, I feel like a todge even comparing them but in real life in the bottle they do look more alike! My shoddy pictures do no justice, alas my promised play on the boys camera didn’t come to light so trusty phone it is. In these pictures Fuzzy Peach and Tart Deco look very similar which also isn’t the case…


Same order as above you can really see that Tart Deco is a more subdued Spice with slightly more peachy orange tones. Both are my favourites out of these polishes.


Here is Spice in all it’s glory, corally pinky awesomeness! A bit of tipwear/shrinkage this is three coats plus Seche Vite. I could of probably got away with two coats but there was a few patchy areas on my right hand so three covered it right up! This lasted 6 days with very minor chipping, actually unheard of for me! 2 or 3 days is a well lasted manicure in my books so I was VERY pleased!

If you were unsure about snapping this up, I urge you to think again! It looks beautiful on me and I’m sure it will with other skintones too. This was £2 with my voucher, otherwise £7 available from Boots.

Did anyone get anything from the No7 Spring collection? I’m still umming and ahhing over the Grace lipstick, underwhelmed when I swatched but seeing people wearing it on their blogs is making me change my mind!

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