Sunday, 27 February 2011

Nail Of Last Weekend–Color Club Revvvolution

I’m on one today, you have to have a nail post too, I ordered some polishes from eBay US from seller beautyzone2007, I’m sure some of you have heard of this seller, a wide selection of polishes with a good shipping rate and mine have always arrived a week to the day since dispatch. Since I had been working a good few hours considering I’m also studying (or attempting to) I thought I’d order a cheeky haul before I spend all my money on crap and/or curry.

I’d never tried any Color Club polishes before and I understand they are pretty cheap in the US and I’ve seen some pretty awesome and unique colours floating around on people’s blogs. I had seen this on a blog quite a while ago and fell in love!


I forgot that holos and top coat don’t always go hand in hand. Hmm. You can see the difference between my little, ring and middle finger which have top-coat and my index which doesn’t. It did dull down a little but I still prefer the vibrancy of the polish without the top coat. Bah I’ll try and remember next time!

This is a beautiful dark grey holo. I love dark grey polishes anyway and the holo awesomeness is just beautiful!



So beautiful! Just looking at these pictures makes me want to take off my fresh polish and put this one back on! I know people say they can never use a whole bottle of nail polish but I am going to try with this one! This is 3 coats though 2 would have probably done and it lasted 3 days which is good for me!

I got this for around £2 or so from the eBay seller beautyzone2007. Who I am not affiliated with, I have just ordered several times and been very pleased with the service.

Have you ever tried any Color Club polishes? Does anyone know any UK suppliers? Can you recommend any more holos? I love them!

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