Thursday, 17 February 2011

Body Shop Cheek Colour

Bonjourno ladies! Happy weekend! I trust you are spending it wisely?

Meh..I am sorry about the title, I couldn’t think of anything better with the word blush in it, I’ll try harder next time I promise!

I saw on a few other blogs, I can’t remember which ones, that The Body Shop had a £5 off voucher in the Telegraph last Saturday. I don’t use a great deal of their products but I did use one of their blushes solidly for over a year. My how things have changed! I eventually used it up completely not long ago and I baulked at the £8.50 repurchase. I’m not sure why, I’ve got my eye on a Chanel blush, but I just didn’t think I would pay £8.50 for a blush I’ve already owned.

BodyShopBlushHere’s what it looks like, I’m not normally bothered by packaging but I do like that this has a little clasp button which makes it feel a little sturdier even though the rest of it is lightweight plastic. Hmmm swings and roundabouts.

BodyShopBlush1FlashBodyShopBlush2No Flash

This is 04 Golden Pink and I think that is a pretty good description.


BodyShopBlushSwatchNoFlashNo Flash

It is pink with maybe a bit of peach and gold shimmer. On the swatches the gold does look intense and glittery but on the cheeks it just looks like a sheen, quite pretty but maybe a bit much for the shimmer sensitive.

it does last, I can still see mine now from applying at 7 this morning, thats a good 10 hours though obviously it has faded.

I’d really suggest looking at the website as in store I thought this was closest to my previous one but looking online there is 12 Apricot Shimmer and I think this is the one that I had, it wasn’t in store. Meh. Nevertheless this is quite nice and will get worn regardless. Sorry there is no on cheek swatches, it didn’t look like I was wearing anything in the photos but it does in real life!

This is £8.50 from The Body Shop but I paid £3.50 with a voucher.

Have you tried any Body Shop cosmetics? What did you think?

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