Sunday, 13 February 2011

Polished Pout?


I have a mission to blog about as much of my stash as possible. This is for two reasons, firstly I need to stop buying stuff!! Hopefully blogging about everything will be a kick up the ass reminding me how much I have and how I need to stop purchasing! Secondly, I have bits that people may want to see swatches of etc, even if most of my makeup is just high street stuff.

So with this in mind I am going to show you my small collection of Sleek’s Pout Polishes…



Meet Raspberry Souffle, Pink Cadillac and Scandal. Raspberry Souffle and Scandal were/are both limited edition, Raspberry Souffle sometime last summer I think and Scandal is part of the Stiletto collection currently out. As you can see I haven’t even used Pink Cadillac and Scandal despite owning the former for a few months and the latter for a few weeks. I just forget about things!

These are described as a ‘tinted lip conditioning balm’ and contain SPF15, a nice added bonus. I’m trying to make sure that I wear SPF at all times all over my face so I like this.


As you can see these are quite sheer, nowhere near as frightening as they appear in the pan. I am crap at describing colours and the Sleek website doesn’t have any so click the swatches bigger to look for yourselves.

SleekPoutPolishRaspberrySouffleThis is the first one I purchased and have worn a few times before it fell out of favour for more wearable shades that I can wear whatever the weather, like MAC’s Angel or Creme Cup. Though this is a beautiful purpley-pink and not the purple madness it looks in the pan, I still don’t feel 100% wearing this with full eye makeup too, this is more of a subdued eyes so rev up the lips kinda thing. This was LE last year but I am sure there will still be some hanging around, the other LE yellow shade that accompanied this is still in stock at some Superdrugs I’ve been in lately.

SleekPoutPolishPinkCadillacI can’t believe I hadn’t cracked this one out! I think the brightness scared me but you can see in reality it’s just a light pop of pink. Much more wearable than I anticipated, I see myself reaching for this a lot more now. This is part of the permanent collection.

SleekPoutPolishScandalAgain this is likely to be reached for more often now, I didn’t build it up much as it did keep going patchy on my lips though that could be due to the lip balm I applied a few minutes beforehand. I am terrified of red lips and haven’t ever dared to try it myself. This is the closest I’ve come and I’m going to see how I feel wearing this a few times and build myself up to a potential red lippie. This is LE but still in stores currently.

These swatches were taken with a mixture of flash or no flash, I just chose the pictures that best represented the product on me, I didn’t want a pic heavy post for something a lot of people have already seen! These are also applied fairly sheerly, I am sure you could build up for more coverage but I kept it to how I would actually wear these outside the house.

I really like these, they are affordable, accessible to most and easy to wear. I know some people don’t like products in tins, personally this doesn’t bother me but the product did get under my nail a bit and I did use a lip brush to even the colour out, particularly with Scandal which went patchy in areas. This is a bit of a faff and not really great if your in a rush or want to use without a mirror. However if you are unsure about trying these I say give it a go, they are a lot more wearable than you may think! I like the look of Electro Peach and Powder Pink, next on my list!

These are priced at £4.29 on the Sleek website though I know some prices on there do differ from those in Superdrug where these are also available. Sleek don’t test on animals as far as I can gather in this rather wordy explanation, something else I am trying to avoid.

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these or anything similar?


  1. They look pretty, especially Raspberry Souffle!

  2. Yes just looking at my post now it looks so much more pigmented! I really wish I knew what makeup looked good with it, I'm going to have to root through my blusher collection to find a compatibility!


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