Friday, 27 April 2012

Love–nspa Melting Cleansing Gel

After all the recent swatches I thought it’s high time I post about something I’ve been loving for the last month or so.
I do love skincare and there’s a few things in my routine I do enjoy using but really, as long as it does its job I’m not that bothered a lot of the time. A few weeks ago I was running low on cleanser, coinciding with a trip to Asda. I was planning to go to Boots after and find a replacement but something caught my eye in the aisles…
There was a little stand displaying nspa products – I can’t really remember what else there was because as soon as I saw this I snatched it up! I’ve been wanting to try a ‘melting’ cleanser since seeing reviews of the Elemis one months ago but that is a tiny bit out of my price range at the moment – this one was around the £5 mark. nspa products are “Created for you by the experts at Nirvana Spa – the UK’s No1 day spa” which immediately sounds appetising. Adding the ingredients of this; Ginseng, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil and Essential Oil of Neroli and the fact that this is paraben free, not tested on animals and made in the UK was already making this a winner in my books!
You massage the gel into dry skin before wetting your hands (making the gel milky as above) and massaging again before rinsing. It feels luxurious and my skin feels soft and clean, it has never felt dry after using this. The packaging does say suitable for all skin types – including sensitive – but I feel those with oilier skin may prefer something a little more astringent.
It isn’t suitable for use around the eyes so I remove eye makeup with Bioderma first (almost finished sob!) then use this and remove with a face cloth once rinsed.
I have seen on other blogs that there is supposed to be a bit of a range at Asda and I have to say after using this I am definitely interested in using more from the range.
Do you normally get your skincare in the supermarket? My local Asda is usually terrifying but it’s worth it for this!


  1. I was looking at this today! Definitely thinking of getting it now! :)
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