Sunday, 10 April 2011

Empty! Neutrogena Multi-Defence Moisturiser

Hi guys! How are you all? I have noticed my reader numbers creeping up so hello!!!

I have already reviewed this product here but after using it a few months more I thought I’d just share my thoughts.

NeutrogenaMoisturiser1 NeutrogenaMoisturiser

This is the moisturiser for normal/combination skin though there are other types for dry skin etc with varying SPF levels, this is 15.

At the time of writing the review I said that I couldn’t use this on my nose and chin as they are too oily. For literally a few weeks since, if that, my skin was dry enough to warrant using this all over, before long my chin was oily after an hour again and I switched back to using Skin Clear on those areas. This annoys me a bit as my skin is definitely normal to combination. My ‘oily’ areas are nowhere near as prominent as those with oily skin and my ‘dry’ areas are never dry enough to be flaky or red, just slightly tight feeling at most. I feel normal to combination describes my skin perfectly. So it does bug me that this must only be useful to those with a drier normal skin, if that exists. Especially as Neutrogena haven’t included a moisturiser for oily skin in the range.

That aside, the packaging is nice, pump applicator which I know people appreciate and at £7.65 it doesn’t exactly break the bank. It is only 50ml but I found one pump was enough to cover my cheeks, forehead and neck and it did last for a good few months. It absorbs easily and contains SPF.

In conclusion, this is OK. I really find it hard to love as it doesn’t work all over my face despite having the skin it is targeted at. I have been using Olay’s UV fluid for combo/oily skin with SPF15 as a replacement, I will update with how that is going in a few weeks.

Repurchase: No.

As far as I can gather from garbled information on the internets, Neutrogena does not test on animals but is owned by Johnson & Johnson who do. If this is incorrect please let me know!

Can anyone recommend a moisturiser that is suitable for combo/normal skin probably getting towards combo/oily in summer that has a good SPF? 15 is not enough for me in the summer but it took enough searching to find a moisturiser with that much!

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