Sunday, 24 April 2011

Space Nails–My Attempt

I saw these amazing nails on Heather at EffiesMakeupBox a few weeks ago and have wanted to do them since. They look amazing! However with my polish binges that have thankfully (for my bank) ceased, I had a stash of untrieds to get through. Now that backlog is gone I figured I’d give these a go.

I followed the tutorial on youtube that is linked in the post. It uses a sponge but I couldn’t find a normal one for love nor money! I don’t know what the hell was going on but of course, as soon as I had finished them there were an abundance of sponges in my house. The only one I could find was waaay less dense than your normal cosmetic sponge and this did affect the overall look but I still like it. The combination of colours is really pretty and I am definitely going to give this another go with a proper sponge when I can!


I didn’t have a purple in my stash that I was happy with so I mixed Mystic Mauve and Tokyo to make a shimmery mid-purple that I really like. I definitely want to have a go making a franken of them. I haven’t posted about my first franken attempt…’s for the best.




The technique is basically sponging colour on top of colour alternating until you are happy. I did more of a sponging rather than smudging effect which I will amend for next time. It doesn’t look that purpley in these pictures which is a shame as the colour is so beautiful. This is DEFINITELY one I am going to try again!

Have you tried anything like this? Did you see Heather’s post? I wish it looked as I intended but it is so pretty!

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  1. You have done a wonderful job! :) They look so great sweet! :)


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