Sunday, 3 April 2011

OPI DS dupe?

Arrrgh right now I am in the throes of a nail varnish addiction. And blusher. But that’s besides the point.

Such is the extent of my addiction that I come home with shades only to realise that I already have something similar. Or exactly the same.

First of all, meet OPI DS Magic…


This is three coats. I apologise for the state of this, this was on day 5 so it is actually pretty good for me! It lasted well with minor chips until day 4 then on day 5 it began to fall apart so I’m happy with that. I applied it at my boyfriends and it did strike me as familiar. When I got home I had a look through my collection annnnddd


I have two other similar colours. On the nails…



So. The Revlon polish is clearly different on the nail but the Accessorize…..

In my opinion that is a dupe. I had a reaaally close look and the only real difference I can see is that the Accessorize polish leans pink in certain lights more obviously than the OPI where the pink is very subtle. Other than that, nada. As far as application goes there was no issue with any of these other than the Revlon’s drying time which was waaay longer than Accessorize.

Do you consider this a dupe? I’ve never declared a duplicate before, is there anything else I need to consider? I think I’m going to have to call it quits on the navy/blue polish front for a while!

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