Sunday, 3 April 2011

I’m a daredevil–attempting fake lashes


I have been watching Arrested Development and supposedly that is hello in Korean but who knows! I love that show.

I thought I’d do something a little more exciting today rather than the same old reviews, lets see how this goes down!

I have used fake eyelashes twice before, both Kimberley and Nadine Girls Aloud ones. I like them and did get on OK with them but some times I needed to do a little colouring in with eyeliner so you couldn’t see the band. I figured I don’t seem to have any other skills, why not applying eyelashes? So I got some fake lashes off of eBay, they were like a quid or something just for me to practice with. When I went to Sally’s and got all the polish I also got a tube of Duo eyelash glue as it was cheaper than I’ve seen it a lot of places, and some Ardell eyelashes which I am keeping for a night out/my graduation, I want bambi lashes in those pics!


There are ten pairs, I was tempted to get some of better quality but I will do that when I actually have occasions to wear them! Right now I’ve got some of these on and I’m watching Lewis, hardly necessary right? For going out I prefer ones that go from short to long, I really like the look of these with a little winged liner.

I stuck these on with the clear Duo glue putting them in place with tweezers.



For a first practice I don’t think this is too bad, the placement isn’t great along the lashline but I couldn’t really tell until I saw this picture, in real life it didn’t look that bad.



They fell a little tranny on me but hey ho, for a pound I’m happy. On my eyes I am wearing…..

MAC Painterly paint pot, Stila eyeshadow in Wheat, Persimmon and Redstone from the Sleek Paraguaya palette, No7 Gel Eyeliner in Black and Urban Decay Glide-On pencil in Zero on the upper waterline. I curled my lashes and applied a tiny bit of Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara.

The rest of my makeup…




I am wearing Revlon PhotoReady Compact makeup, Bobbi Brown Concealer, Accessorize Bronzer in Monaco, Sleek Contour Kit in Light, Sleek Pan Tao blusher, Prestige Mineral Bronzer in Pure Shimmer, No7 Poppy King lipstick in Allure and Sleek Pout polish in Sugar May.

My makeup is a bit of a mess as I wanted to catch it before the light went which is why these photos aren’t great. I always forget that in summer the sun sets so quickly! I also was pretty scared of the blusher when I got it, it isn’t really visible here but it does leave a nice flush, it’s not neon at all!

What do you think? Have you mastered the art of applying lashes? I really wish I had more occasions to wear them to, I really feel ‘glammed up’ (hate that expression!) when I’ve got them on. That and a bit of fake tan. I sound like I belong on The Only Way Is Essex…..

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