Tuesday, 12 April 2011

NOTD-Maybelline Peach

Have you ever had one of those shades in your head that you know exactly what you want and how you want it to look, it’s the finding it thats the issue? Here is my one of those. Last summer or the summer before I was staying at my boyfriends and while he was working one weekend I went into town with his mum for a bit of a shop. I knew what I wanted. Peach polish, maybe shimmery. After a few hits and misses I picked this one up…


I used to love this, so much so that when my sister stole it and I thought it had been lost I went and bought a replacement. These days, not so much. I like the shade and all but application is shoddy, it takes an eon to dry and there is brushstroke-o-rama. You can also see tipwear in the photos above, that is just shrinkage due to Seche. That is three coats and thickish ones at that, after two I thought I was done, held them up to the light and there was patches ahoy! I was fearing four coats but thankfully three was enough.

I left it a day but the brushstrokeiness was driving me insane, it just looked messy and unfinished. So after seeing this layered over a similar colour on another blog I thought I’d try OPI’s Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection layered over. Et voila!


Much better. In real life you can’t see the brush strokes. The glitter also reflects different colours but it is hideously overcast so I can’t get a good picture of it. This is one coat of Teenage Dream, it is kind of gritty so I will chuck another top coat on it. I will definitely try this layered over more peaches and pinks in the future, I think it looks really cute!

Do you have any recommendations for a quick dry top coat? I am about a third to half way through my bottle of Seche and it is all gloopy and close to the stage when Restore needs to be used but I don’t really want to purchase something to sort out my topcoat that cost 8 quid in the first place. Plus the shrinkage gets on my tits. I also have Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine but that causes just as much shrinkage if not more. My OPI RapiDry mini is my last remaining top coat but I don’t imagine I’ll get much out of that the amount of times I change my nails in a week…….Help!

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