Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks!!!!

Herrow!! I know these are something that have been on just about every blog lately and that kind of thing normally gets my goat a tad (Liz Earle?!?!) I know people get sent stuff around the same time and yeh it is nice to see a few different opinions but sometimes I would like to see something different.

However that time is not now. I saw these on a few blogs and on a trip so Superdrug saw them on 2 for £6 and I had been having a crap day so I got four! Certainly perked me up. When I was searching for swatches of these online people seemed to have the same ones or there weren’t very many so I thought I’d chuck mine in plus a few comparison swatches.


I’ll admit it, some of them do look pretty similar. I can tell the difference though I swear! In reverse order…


The light was fading fast so the pictures aren’t great but the ones that matter are true to colour. I ended up with three sheen formulas and one matte though that isn’t because of any preferences about the formula or anything, I just liked these swatches better.

First up is the matte, Papaya Punch



Peaches & Cream is one that has been seen on a few blogs. I meant to do a comparison against NYX Orange Soda as they remind me of each other but I couldn’t find it.



I don’t know how I feel about this one….maybe with lipgloss. I’ve not had a good chance to play yet but I will be trying my hardest to make this work, I love orange and peach!!!

Candy cane is the one I have worn the most so far…



And finally Coral Reef



Without a shadow of a doubt Candy Cane and Coral Reef are my favourites. The formula is ok, as you can see in the Papaya Punch pictures the matte formula shows every flaw! These pictures were taken after a quick lip scrub too!



You can see how dry the matte is in comparison!

Compared to some other lipstick swatches…

SleekLipstickNoFlash1SleekLipsticksNoFlash2SleekLipsticknoflash3sleekLipstickNoflash4SleekLipsticknoflash5And with flash…


These are £4 each on the Sleek website but are currently 2 for £6 in Superdrug. for the price I really like these! If any more catch my eye I won’t hesitate to purchase!

Have you tried any? Do you have any recommendations?

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