Saturday, 2 April 2011

NOTD–Kiko Nail Lacquer 267

Bonjour ladies! How are you all?

Just a quick one today, this is a NOTD from two weeks ago. Another of the Kiko polishes…..



This is the polish I was a bit underwhelmed with at first sight but wearing it is a totally different story! It compliments my skin tone, something that I am not that bothered about but my, when something goes it really pops! I can safely say that I do not have another blue like this in my collection and I am a sucker for them!

This was three coats, though I could have probably managed with two. I always paint thin coats as I smudge my nails so easily but it does mean more coats than the average bear, especially on my right hand.

I got 3 days wear out of this, it did chip the day after I painted them but I was cleaning out my car and it’s a miracle that I didn’t lost a limb at the least. Not a broken nail in sight either, praise be to OPI Nail Envy!

I’ve harped on about this nail varnish enough for one day. If you are in Italy or someone you know is, everything I have from Kiko has been good. The formula of this polish was better than the other two, maybe as this is a shimmer? I don’t know but the other two weren’t bad either. Definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity.

Are you a lover of blue polish? Or a strictly lady like pink wearer? Let me know, I’m curious!

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