Friday, 1 April 2011

NOTD–Orly Hottie

Nails nails nails…. I have been getting a little excited with nail varnish as of late. I now own too many and I am trying to curb this dangerous habit.


It was announced many weeks ago now that mid-March time Orly Mini’s would be appearing in Boots stores and online. I only own one Orly polish, Halley’s Comet and would quite like a few more. I found the stand in my local big Boots finally around a week after the announced store launch date. I know that isn’t bad but I was antsy to get a look at these and online swatches are atrocious, especially on the Boots site.

Originally I could have taken home almost all of the polishes I saw but sense prevailed and I whittled it down to three. The one I was most excited about was Hottie, a neon pink.



I have no idea what is on my index finger nail. Knowing me, it’s probably Wotsit residue.

From looking at the bottle this was either going to be a ten coater or a one coat wonder. Hm. This is 4 coats later and you can still see visible nail line clearly! Not so bad here but in real life it was most distressing. However to it’s credit it applied nicely even with the miniature brush and drying time was fantastic so the layers weren’t exactly a pain in the arse.

I managed to chip three nails on my left hand while fannying about so I figured I’d layer it over a white polish and see how different it looked.




So I have Hottie layered over 17 Mini Skirt on my index, middle and ring fingers, two coats of each. On my little finger is 4 coats of Hottie alone.

Wow. This is part of the hi-liters mini collection and they weren’t joking. In real life this is like I have drawn over tipp-ex nail varnish with a highlighter. I do prefer the colour of Hottie alone but I detest the nail line! Is there a compromise anywhere?

I got this from Boots where these are £5 for 5ml. That is a lot, especially compared to the amount you get with a Models Own polish for the same price. That being said, if there is a shade you like it still is only £5 and no-one ever uses a whole nail varnish. The closest I got was with a Mavala one and it welded itself shut with varnish before I could get the last bit out and now I can’t find it! Tears! But seriously, if anyone ever sees Mavala ‘Magic’ polish let me know!!!!

So will you be nabbing any Orly or sticking to your trusty faves? I’m glad brands that are available widely in the US are becoming available here but I can’t help but notice the appalling difference in price between the countries! For almost everything! Honestly, Batiste is about the only thing that is cheaper here. Boo.

Anyway what did you think to Hottie? Definitely a summer shade!!


  1. I've used up nail polishes before (full size ones) so yeah, it does happen :P

    Think I'll pass on these. They should bring Color Club over here, now that'd be worth a look.

  2. Yeh I don't blame you, I picked up three shades that REALLY appealed to me, this one is pretty nice but the VNL annoys me, one I really dislike and the other I haven't tried.
    Yes I love the look of Color Club and the two polishes I do have by them I love. There is a site Tiffanys Nail Supplies that does sell them but for over £7 a bottle! I got mine of eBay US for a couple of quid including shipping! Rip off.


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